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Floreale - flowers and tea | A Feast for your Senses.

Tucked along the busy streets of San Pablo City is a quaint little cafe that serves not just good food but also great vibes. Say ole' to Floreale, a unique, flower-themed restaurant - the first of its kind in my hometown.

Floreale - flowers and tea.

Floreale means 'flowery'.

With its rustic interiors and cascading flower arrangements, Floreale reminded me of those lovely garden cafes that Yue and I would frequent whenever we're in Seoul. This restaurant also has a homey vibe, with all the wooden furniture and antique decors strewn all over the place.

Reminds me of the lovely garden cafes in Seoul.

Wines and antiques.

Instagrammable interiors.

Everything about this place feels cozy, relaxing, and intimate - probably because it's a family-run business, with the husband and wife at the helm. It's quite heartwarming to see how even their teenage kids help out in the operations, like taking customer orders or manning the till.

Homey vibes.

GCash payments accepted here.

Floreale's menu offers an array of dishes, from pizza and pasta, to sides and salads for sharing. They also have rice meals, and I kid you not, their Sweet Chili Ribs are to die for! Plus, you get a huge rack for a fraction of what you would usually pay for at those super fancy hotel restaurants.

Sweet Chili Ribs, Php 265.

Burger Steak, Php 220.

Chicken Katsu, Php 190.

Garden Fresh Salad, Php 179.

Great food, reasonable price, cozy ambience... what more can you ask for? Well, probably a good cup of coffee, which they also have.

Flavored Fries, Php 89. 
3-Cheese Pizza, Php 200.
Overload Pizza, Php 230.
Hazelnut Coffee, Php 99.

If you're into Instagram-worthy restaurants, and the laidback vibe is your thing, Floreale is definitely worth visiting. It's a complete sensory feast for both your eyes and palate, without breaking your wallet. 
109 M. Paulino St.,
San Pablo City
0945 273 6434

12 replies:

Samantha said...

What an adorable place to visit! That pizza looks so tasty!

Kathy said...

Those flowers are very beautiful. The food looks amazing as well.

Mom Knows Best said...

What a nice place. The food sure does look good.

Gervin Khan said...

Wow! The place is stunningly beautiful with so many antiques! The food served here looks absolutely delicious and very enticing too! Loved them all!

Clarice said...

Wow! This place looks really nice and cozy. The food looks amazing and the prices are really reasonable. I would love to try their ribs and pizza. We'll make sure to visit if we're in the area. Thank you for sharing this.

Beautiful Touches said...

This cafe looks beautiful and the dishes also seem very tasty, I love the decor.

moonlightmel said...

wow, i really love the decor here, the food looks amazing too

Richelle Milar said...

That looks like a really great and nice place to visit. I love to try these foods! Look so delicious

Unknown said...

The decor does look cozy and the food looks amazing. Yum! -LYNNDEE

Lois said...

A beautiful and quaint place to eat. The food looks delicious

Gust si Aroma said...

It's definitely a special place where I can feel like home and the food looks amazingly delicious!

Christy G said...

The food looks amazing. I also love the decor and how they incorporated flowers into their decorations.