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How to Find the Right Tenant for Your Rental.

If you’ve invested in a property and are searching for a tenant, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed. It’s certainly a stressful process, as you want to find someone that is reliable and trustworthy.

Luckily, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting a great tenant. You just need to follow a few different tips.

Below we are going to talk about how you can find the right person for your rental.

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List out your exact expectations.

Before you even start viewing tenant applications, the first thing you need to do is list out your expectations and requirements. This is vital and will create a more specific pool of applicants.

Tenant retention is the best way to make money as a landlord.

When you’re advertising, you want them to know exactly what you are providing and what you expect from them. This includes things such as:
  • Whether or not you will allow pets.
  • If you are furnishing the property.
  • If you will be including utilities in the overall cost.

Follow a good marketing method.

Just like a business, a property requires a good marketing method. This will not only attract suitable people but allows you to reach a specific audience.

Kim Ji Seok in Monthly Magazine Home (2021).

If you don’t think that you can handle it all on your own, look at hiring an external company, like with this Apartment Marketing. They will take care of all of the hard work, so you only have to focus on choosing a tenant.

View their history.

Once you’ve got a few different options, you’ll want to look at any previous rental history. This includes a background check and references they may have provided.

If they have excellent reviews from other honest landlords, it’s a good indicator that they will take care of the property. However, it shouldn’t stop you from digging a little further.

Look at applicants with a stable career.

One of your main concerns may be that your tenant won’t be able to make their payments on time. One easy solution to this is to look for applicants that have a stable career path.

Im Chul Soo in Vincenzo (2021).

Remember, this doesn’t always mean the highest earning career, but someone that has consistently worked in the same field. This information should be included in their application.

Trust your gut.

Finally, as important as it is to follow the above, sometimes it’s just as wise to trust your natural instinct. If you can’t seem to get along with an applicant or just don’t think they will be suitable, they probably aren’t.

Cassano Family/Geumga Plaza tenants in Vincenzo (2021).

Pay attention to what your gut is telling you, and spend more time searching. Trust us when we say you’ll be thankful for it.

Final thoughts.

And that’s it! By following the above, you should be able to find the perfect tenant for your new rental. However, you will need to be patient as the process takes time.

Unfortunately, being a landlord means that there will always be issues you have to deal with.

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