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Whiter and Brighter Teeth with PureSmile Teeth Whitening Trays.

It's been more than a year since this pandemic started and so many aspects of our daily lives have changed since then. Work from home became the norm for most companies and employees. Kids also learn at home via online classes, modules, or TV and radio-based instruction. Travel has stringent precautions, gyms and recreational venues remain closed, and mass gatherings are still a big no-no. 

Gone are the days when we could freely take the kids to the mall, sing and dance at concerts with fellow K-pop fans, enjoy the movies with the rest of the family (senior citizens included), or simply leave the house to run errands or do the groceries without fear of being infected with the coronavirus. My simple, occasional joys of getting a massage or getting my nails done have long been a thing of the past. Truth be told, I have not seen my dentist in over a year! And despite being fully vaccinated (I got my second dose of the COVID vaccine last weekend), I still have qualms about going to the dentist - with the coronavirus still on a rampage and the Delta variant being prevalent in neighboring countries.

This is exactly the reason why I now consider teeth whitening trays a blessing. I've recently discovered them through the PureSmile website, and they're exactly what Yue and I need right now since I don't have plans of seeing our family dentist just yet.

PureSmile Teeth Whitening Trays.

PureSmile is Australia's trusted one-stop shop for dental health, teeth whitening, and teeth straightening. They're currently based in New South Wales, but have clinic partners all over the country - from Perth all the way to Gold Coast. PureSmile offers an array of dental services, plus they have an online shop so you can enjoy superior teeth cleaning and teeth whitening right in the comforts of your own home.

The PureSmile Teeth Whitening Trays, for instance, is a take home kit that helps lighten teeth and remove stains caused by smoking or drinking beverages like coffee, cola, wine, or tea. Now I haven't smoked in over a decade, but as you all know, I'm a huge coffee drinker and caffeine sort-of runs through my veins. This is why I need one of 'em teeth whitening trays all the more - no dentists visits in over a year, plus the countless cups of coffee consumed throughout the pandemic... Imagine the state of discoloration my teeth are in right now!

Each box is good for a 7-day treatment in the comforts of your home.

Each box of the PureSmile Teeth Whitening Trays contains individually packed, pre-filed thermo-forming trays that mould to the shape of your teeth. The whitening trays are good for a 7-day treatment, and you only need to wear the trays for 45 minutes each day. Each tray is good for single use, and you don't need LED lights or messy syringes to make your teeth whiter and brighter. The best part? These trays are vegan and cruelty-free, meaning they have not been tested on animals. 

Just to give you an idea on how these teeth whitening trays work...

The PureSmile Teeth Whitening Trays retail for $79 AUD, but they're currently on sale now at $69 AUD! They also ship for free within Australia. I asked my friend in Melbourne to kindly buy me a few boxes of these teeth whitening trays, and I can't wait for the parcel to arrive here on my end and try these for myself! She said they worked well for her, so I have great confidence that these will work for me, too! Pearly whites, here we come!

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