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Black Leaves Australia | Healthy, Handcrafted Teas.

I've always been a coffee person - you know, the kind of person who needs a cup of joe in the morning to function properly throughout the day, and depends on strong coffee blends to meet writing deadlines and pull occasional all-nighters. But every now and then, I fancy a good cup of tea - especially on days when I just want to detoxify my body, destress, and get a good night's sleep.

Just recently, I discovered Black Leaves, a popular tea brand from Australia. They offer a variety of teas and tea blends - from Butterfly Pea Flower Tea and Peppermint Teas, to carefully curated concoctions like ginger and calendula flowers, turmeric, fennel, and dandelion root. Their products are all-natural,  with each herb picked, blended, and packed by hand.

Care for a cuppa?

The story behind the birth of this much-loved tea brand is quite interesting, and a very heartwarming one at that. Its founder, Anthony Loggia, discovered the wonders of tea whilst on a trip to Thailand. Amazed by the health benefits of tea, Anthony researched and studied different herbs and blends, until he was able to create a concoction that could help his mother lose weight. In six months' time, Anthony's mother was able to go back to her original weight in a healthy and sustainable way, thanks to the filial son's labor of love. 

New Me 28 Day Teatox from Black Leaves.

This piqued my interest for Black Leaves' products even more, and as I navigated through their website, I came across the "New Me 28 Day Teatox" - a special blend of teas formulated to rid your body of toxins, flush out water weight, and help you achieve your weight loss goals. This 28-day program consists of the following tea blends: Goji Berries to increase fat burning and decrease fat absorption; Berry Bay to fight fluid retention and help reduce body weight; Cinnamon Garden to relieve bloating and help with constipation and indigestion; and Délices des Abeilles to suppress cravings and reduce appetite.

I've tried teatoxing before, and would love to try it again with Black Leaves' New Me 28 Day Teatox program with hopes of losing some (if not all) of the weight that I have gained since this pandemic started. Thankfully, I have a friend in Australia who can buy them for me and have them shipped to the Philippines. Black Leaves currently ships within Australia only, and I can't wait for them to do international shipping soon. They have so many wonderful blends that I would love to try!

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