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Bring My Pet to the Vet | Royal Canin's Campaign for Improved Pet Healthcare in the Philippines.

Global leading pet nutrition manufacturer and provider Royal Canin recently launched its Bring My Pet to the Vet (BMPV) campaign as part of its commitment to champion responsible pet ownership among Filipino pet parents. Pet owners across the Philippines can now access over 20,000 free pet checkups and 4,000 BMPV care kits for their furry friends through the Royal Canin Club mobile application, as well as other pet rewards made available on the platform.

Over the past year, more Filipinos are turning to pets as their trusted quarantine companions. However, a survey by Kantar shows that 93% and 50% of cat and dog owners, respectively, do not get their pets checked regularly. The survey also highlights that most owners only bring their pets to the veterinarian for vaccinations and medical procedures, reflecting how wellness checkups are not common in the Philippines.

Have you visited your vet today?

With this, Royal Canin introduced the BMPV campaign to encourage both new and old pet owners to bring their pets to the vet as early and as regular as they can, and understand the importance of pet preventive healthcare and medicalization. The campaign also underlines the role that veterinarians play in Filipinos' pets' lives, as it provides a platform for pet owners to connect with their trusted vet partners and clinics, ultimately building a more connected and engaged pet community in the Philippines.

This year, Royal Canin leverages its mobile platform, the Royal Canin Club app, to strengthen its 2019 Bring My Dog to the Vet (BMDV) campaign and relate to more pet owners nationwide. To claim the free checkup, pet owners just need to claim the free consultation voucher under the mobile application’s rewards, find the nearest clinic in the store locator by selecting the Vet feature, and reach out to the clinics directly to book their appointments for consultation. On the day of their appointment, pet owners need to present their generated checkup QR code on their Royal Canin Club app to avail of the free consultation. Afterward, users are encouraged to complete their post-checkup survey for more amazing perks and rewards in the application.

Cats need some vet care, too!

Royal Canin’s BMPV campaign seeks to redefine its previous campaign, which gave away 3,000 free consultations for Filipino pet owners through the company’s website. Now made available on the Royal Canin Club app, it becomes a culmination of two purposeful pet preventive healthcare campaigns. It hopes to further educate pet owners about the signals to watch out from their pets to guide them and encourage them to work closely with their vets in achieving optimum health for their beloved furry friends.

“We, at Royal Canin, recognize the value of preventive pet healthcare and the important role that our veterinary partners and clinics play in one’s pet’s life. Through our new Bring My Pet to the Vet campaign, we hope to instill this mindset and become a platform for pet owners to build a stronger bond with their veterinarians as we work together to safeguard the health of their pets even during such unprecedented time,” says Adriann Eusebio, Royal Canin Philippines’ Country Director. “We want to highlight how important it is for pet owners to have access to credible and reliable pet information, as we continue to improve our services with our loyal customers and partners giving us actionable insights about pet healthcare along the way.”

Free vet visits - one of the many perks of the Royal Canin Club app.

As the vet checkups require physical visits, Royal Canin ensures everyone that their partner veterinarians and pet shops follow the strict safety protocols of the government when taking in patients and customers. The company works closely with vet clinics to ensure that all pet owners secure appointments first before their visit to avoid overcrowding in their establishments.

“We understand the safety concerns of our partners and customers about going out to visit their vets amid the pandemic. With the lockdowns still in place, our BMPV campaign also ensures to encourage pet owners to become responsible citizens, as much as they are as pet parents, and abide by proper COVID-19 protocols of their vet partners and clinics to avoid the spread of the virus, “ adds Eusebio. “At Royal Canin, we aim to enforce extra precautions to address our customers’ concerns and are committed to improving our services by opening our lines of communication for improvement.”

For more information on Royal Canin’s Bring My Pet to the Vet campaign, pet owners may download the Royal Canin Club application, read about pet healthcare information, and claim their voucher through the platform. One may also visit the Royal Canin Philippines on Facebook and Instagram at @RoyalCaninPH for more details about the Royal Canin Club app and other updates about the brand.

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