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Sinus Congestion Treatments Like Nasal Inhalers Or Essential Oils.

Those who suffer from sinus congestion are in the very least uncomfortable facing challenges in breathing and frequently have difficulty with sleeping. The problem can bring with it facial pain along with a runny nose and a constant cough that can become an annoyance. The solution suggestions provided by anyone aside from a medical provider are merely advice. If you have a condition that is bringing discomfort or have you considering any type of treatment, a healthcare professional should be consulted before you begin the course. A doctor can assess any underlying medical conditions, ensure there are no interactions with other medications, and supervise as needed.
Got the sniffles?
 The recommendation to relieve congestive symptoms is typically nasal inhalers such as you see in, along with a healthy diet and an increase in fluid intake to thin the mucus in the nasal cavity. Avoiding chocolate, dairy, or processed foods is vital as these claim to increase the production of mucus. Sleep is essential for overall health and wellness, so incorporating a humidifier in your space to elevate the humidity will enhance your ability to achieve restful sleep. And a warm compress over your forehead while you rest may aid in the pain sensation experienced in this area.

Using Essential Oils For Treating Congestion
The claim is that some essential oils have the potential to clear the nasal passages while relieving congestive symptoms, including sinus pressure. People have long found ways to implement these into health and wellness practices for their natural support to traditional medical care. Many of the OTC or over-the-counter decongestants and medications prescribed for treatment of sinus ailments are not well tolerated by everyone and tend to interact with certain medicines as well as multiple health conditions disallowing their use. There also note to be a variety of side effects. Essential oils are a safe alternative that can be inhaled effectively for treatment of ailments due to:
  • Common cold 
  • Bacteria 
  • Allergies 
  • Inflammation 
  • With some oils capable of relieving symptoms like congestion or a cough
Limited research is available on the effectiveness of essential oils in assisting with sinus congestion. A few studies do suggest, though, that there are certain oils capable of the relief of symptoms. The claim includes one compound, melaleuca, or tea tree, which notes to offer properties such as antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. The element has potential because sinus congestion is generally the result of tissues becoming inflamed combined with the accumulation of bacteria. 

Essential oils have become quite an essential these days.
Another study indicates that a key ingredient, cineole, in eucalyptus oil offers an effective, safe solution to sinusitis in place of antibiotics. The ingredient notes to remove the bacteria and a variety of microbes from the air frees the airway of the buildup of mucus, and naturally suppresses coughs.

Many of the other essential oils claim to have a broad range of beneficial properties, but these are anecdotal. There is not sufficient research or studies to provide evidence the success of those boasting results. Click to learn the drawbacks of steam inhalation.

Other Treatments for Sinus Congestion
Decongestants or essential oils don’t comprise the only ways to relieve sinus congestion. Other ways to remedy these symptoms include: 
  • A saline spray to thin mucus or a steam shower 
  • Adding moisture into the air via a humidifier 
  • Flush the mucus using a ‘neti pot’ 
  • If the symptoms related to an allergy like hay fever, allergy meds 
  • Inflammation release with a warm compress over the nose and forehead 
  • Assist in opening the passages using nasal strips 
  • Surgery is the extreme if there is any indication of polyps or a narrow passageway.
Congestion can be very frustrating, I know that for a fact.
If you are suffering from congestion with no signs of relief, it’s essential to contact your doctor before you implement any type of supplement, nasal inhalers, medication, or even essential oil into your health regimen. Substances may deem organic and natural, but that does not mean they are completely safe for each person. We all comprise unique body chemistries with the potential for specific reactions, not to mention individual medical histories for which these compounds could interact with certain conditions or other drugs.

Congestion is miserable, potentially painful, and frustrating. In consulting with your healthcare provider, you can let the doctor know your preferences for treatment and work out a plan that is ideal for you, your health, and overall well-being.

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