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Spotlight | Avon K-Beauty Collection.

Annyeong yeorobun! (Hello everyone!)
It's been awhile since I last did a product review on this blog, let alone publish a beauty-related post. Mianhe! (Sorry!) The past few weeks had been extremely toxic for me, and I had no time to shoot product photos and take swatches of all these items in my 'to-blog' list.

Thankfully, our unexpected long weekend gave me the opportunity to take photos and swatches, and finally write about the Avon K-Beauty Collection. Yes, you read it right - K-Beauty!

Avon, the iconic beauty/household brand that most women (especially Filipinas) know and love, recently partnered with a top South Korean H&H (household & health care) company as part of its continued transformation and reinvention. The result? This new and offbeat range of beauty products straight from South Korea - the home of 'chok chok' skin, dewy makeup, and skincare innovation.
The Avon K-Beauty Collection.
I received this package several weeks ago, and I was very much impressed with the brand/PR's attention to detail. This package actually came in a lovely bojagi (traditional Korean wrapping cloth) for even more K-culture (more like K-drama) feels. I love it! The PR package resembled those gifts that Koreans receive during special occasions, like Chuseok or Seollal.
The Avon K-Beauty collection wrapped inside this bojagi.
Now here's a closer look at the Avon K-Beauty Collection. First up, the Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion. Avon totally nailed it with the long product name, haha! Korean beauty products are notorious for their ridiculously long, tongue-twister-like names, and this new CC cushion from Avon is no exception.
Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion. 
The Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion (Php 799) is a cushion compact infused with color-correcting pigments that target common complexion concerns (dullness, redness, uneven skin tone) for instantly improved, radiant skin.
A closer look at the Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion.
It comes in a chunkier-than-usual black compact complete with a mirror and a standard puff applicator. What's interesting about this cushion is that you don't have to use the puff to 'pick up' the product. Instead, you press the pan for the product to come out of those tiny holes. 
The puff applicator + the cushion pan.
The Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion comes in three shades - Light, Nude, and Shell. I find Nude to be the shade most suitable for my skin tone. It's light beige in color and has a cooler undertone compared to Shell. 
From L-R: CC01 Light, CC02 Nude, CC02 Shell.
This product has a sheer and lightweight formula and offers light to medium coverage. Keep it mind that CC's do not usually provide full coverage; rather they are meant to address skin issues like redness or sallowness, and for me, the Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion does exactly that. 
Bare face.
Wearing the Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion
in CC02 Nude.
All dolled up, with the Avon True Color Power Essence Color
Correcting Cushion as my makeup base + Avon True Color Dual Gradient Lipstick
in Mauve Maven on my lips.
I've been using this as my makeup base for the past few weeks, and I love its instant glowing effect on my skin! It does a good job of covering my skin imperfections, but still looks very natural on the skin. This cushion also offers sun protection (SPF 30 PA +++), which is a plus for me.

Also included in the package is the True Color Dual Gradient Lipstick, Avon's response to the ever-so-popular beauty trend.  If you're a fan of Korean beauty products or perhaps a K-drama addict, then you know that gradient/ombre lips hit the Korean beauty scene many, many years ago and has since gained popularity across the world.

The Avon True Color Dual Gradient Lipstick (Php 299) comes in five different shades, and I had the chance to try these three - Hollywood Red, Romantic Rose, and Mauve Maven.
Avon True Color Dual Gradient Lipstick.
Top shade - Hollywood Red, Bottom left - Romantic Rose, Bottom right - Mauve Maven.
L-R: Hollywood Red, Romantic Rose, Mauve Maven.
They're packaged in a black rectangular tube, and each lipstick is designed with a diagonal cut to help you achieve the gradient look with ease. The shades look promising from the get-go and you can definitely see the color contrast in the tube, but alas, that contrast is nowhere to be found once you swatch the shades or apply the product on your lips. 
Avon True Color Dual Gradient Lipstick in Hollywood Red.
Avon True Color Gradient Lipstick in Mauve Maven.
Avon True Color Gradient Lipstick in Romantic Rose.
If anything, the Avon True Color Dual Gradient Lipsticks are nicely pigmented, easy to apply, and are very hydrating. These lipsticks are infused with vitamin E, silk protein, and aloe extract to make your lips literally 'glisten with moisture'. I wouldn't recommend this product if you're a fan of matte lipsticks (with the exception of Hollywood Red, since this shade has a semi-matte finish), but if you're all for that creamy, satin finish, you might find this lipstick to your liking.

Finally, we have the sheet masks, all made with cutting-edge, top quality Korean ingredients. It's no secret that I'm a sheet mask addict, and I was very much excited to pamper my skin with these babies.
Avon sheet masks (clockwise from L-R): Glass Effect Hydrogel Face Mask, Jelly Kiss Lip Mask,
Cica Soothing Sheet Mask, Golden Shimmer Hydrogel Eye Mask.
The Glass Effect Hydrogel Face Mask (Php 149) is a thin, gel-like mask that promises plump and glowing glass-like skin. It's infused with Sugar Maple that enhances skin hydration and gives it a healthy glow in just ten minutes. I like the sweet and mild scent of this product, but putting it on my face was quite a challenge - the mask came in two halves, they don't fit quite well, and they felt clammy on the skin. 
Wearing the Glass Effect Hydrogel Face Mask.
The Cica Soothing Sheet Mask (Php 129), on the other hand, is a winner. Formulated with the legendary Centella asiatica (aka Cica plant), this product soothes, refreshes, and deeply nourishes the skin. It also contains lavender extract which has anti-inflammatory properties; peppermint extract which cools the skin and helps facilitate oil secretion; and rosemary extract, an anti-oxidant known for its anti-aging properties. It comes in a traditional fiber sheet mask form, and fits just right on my face. 
Wearing the Cica Soothing Sheet Mask.
Next we have the Golden Shimmer Hydrogel Eye Mask (Pho 149), perfectly-shaped eye patches in a hydrogel formula. This product contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin and gives your undereyes an instant brightening effect. If you pulled an all-nighter, these patches will make your eyes look less tired and significantly better if you apply them first thing in the morning.

Finally, there's the Jelly Kiss Lip Mask (Php 119), which also comes in a hydrogel formula. Packed with manuka honey, and peach and nectarine extracts, this lip mask not only smooths and hydrates, but also makes your lips plump and fuller. It feels squishy and looks funny when worn, but hey, this mask works. :)
Avon sheet masks (clockwise from L-R): Golden Shimmer Hydrogel Eye Mask, Cica Soothing Sheet Mask,
Jelly Kiss Lip Mask, Glass Effect Hydrogel Face Mask.

The Avon K-Beauty Collection is available at all Avon outlets, the Avon online shop, and through your Avon lady. 

Which of these products are you excited to try? :)

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Purple Pieces said...

Ooooh, meron na rin K-inspired makeup ang Avon! Sobrang popular ng Korean products these days and I'm sure these will sell out :)

Quen Gavan said...

I want to try the masks!

Mommy Rockin In Style said...

Wow! I love their dual-toned lipstick! Lakas maka Laneige! Thanks for sharing mommy! :)

berlin said...

nakakatuwa na Avon tries to go with the flow and mas nakakatuwa na quality ung products na meron sila

Lei said...

The selection looks really nice!!