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10 Instagram and Facebook Advertising Courses to Upgrade your Digital Skills.

When starting out on your journey to learn online marketing, it is easy to get disorientated with too much information and courses that are available in the market. Before you blink, many more have been added and you can’t seem to know where to get the most useful information about social media advertising so you might tend to just refrain from learning anything. The Top 10 Advertising Courses for you to be a guru in Facebook and Instagram are listed below.
It's all about Facebook and Instagram these days...
 1. What is Social? 
 It is a beginner MOOC – Massive Open Online Course made as part of 6 specialization courses by Northwestern University and offered on Coursera. You will learn all about trends on social media like Facebook, Instagram, how to state target audiences and how to analyze data. You get to test the water with the first course which is free and if you want to proceed down that path, you have to pay for the full courses. Read more here.

2. Facebook Ads: Facebook / Instagram Advertising Course 
A course on Udemy that was created by Davis Jones, Eazl Publishing and Ludell Jones. You learn all the skills you need to launch and configure advanced features for Facebook Ads. You all learn how to target Facebook users and create similar audiences with data i.e. Email list, MailChimp. It does not matter if you are a digital marketing professional or a corporate business that wants to use Facebook to manage Business ads or you are a small business owner/ entrepreneur trying to leverage Instagram or Facebook in a much better way. Once you complete 100% of the course you will a personalized Facebook for Business 2019 Certificate issued by Eazl.

 3. Facebook Blueprint 
Free resources for beginner and advanced users to learn how to successfully run ad campaigns on your Facebook business page. It was made by Blueprint eLearning and offered by Facebook. The topics covered include terminology of Facebook and its meaning, best posting strategies for Facebook and Instagram, how to optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads, how to make a high-quality business page on Facebook and improve the experience of your followers.

4. Social Media Quickstarter 
A class offered and created by Constant Contact for beginners to learn how to build a professional presence on any platform for social media. If you aren’t too sure on the right one for you or your business, you can start small with this program and you just might find the perfect social media fit. You can start any of the courses reviewed by to advance your level of digital skills and learn the ropes quickly even if you have never made ads before.

5. Introduction to Social Media Advertising 
This course is created by Buffer in conjunction with other courses offered on Skillshare at a flat monthly fee. The best part is that there is a free 2 months trial period to get access to over fifteen thousand courses before paying. This preparatory class is essential for small business, brands, marketers, freelancers, and anyone eyeing the potential of paid advertising on social media. In the end, you will be able to run your first ad campaign, bond with customers, transform clicks and views into action, and cultivate ways for the lasting success of your business.
Get social.
6. The Complete Facebook Marketing Masterclass 
The course was created by Diego Davila, who will teach you techniques and tips to take over Facebook & Instagram this 11-hour course. Training will cover how to thousands potential customers in a targeted way, how to successfully use retargeting and Pixel on Facebook and ways to earn money by marketing the right products to the right clients. As a bonus, you will also acquire strategies for advertising with Facebook videos, make powerful ads on Instagram and means to grow your followers and likes.

7. Instagram Marketing: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Real Followers
This is a bestseller course created by Benjamin Wilson and it is majorly about marketing on Instagram. You learn how to succeed in reaching your target market/audience and get thousands of active followers on your personal or business Instagram account. Over thirteen thousand students have joined, and in four hours of committed coaching and training, you are on your way to becoming an expert on Instagram. Even if you are a rookie about advertising on social media, this course promises to make you into a guru that can start a business on Instagram or offer the services to clients.

8. The Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing Course 2018
The course is created by a Facebook guru, Suppoman and available on Udemy. Over 76 000+ students and online marketers have joined and gained skills in advertising and marketing on Facebook. You will learn how to use ads functions to promote your Facebook posts and page effectively, how 80/20 principle can be applied to the ads and strategies to make money with ads and likes on a page to make it viral. With real-life proof of strategies which works for him, you will get better at how to discover and draw the right audience to the appropriate product. You get lifetime access on TV or mobile as well as a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

9. Viral Marketing Course
Viral Marketing is the most popular buzzword likely to exist on Social Media. This course was made by the University of Pennsylvania to help people sell their ideas effectively on different social media platforms. You will be trained by Professor Jonah Berger, a knowledgeable person in the domain that will show you methods to make viral content and sticky messages while ensuring you know how to make campaigns to be shareable on social media.

10. Comprehensive Social Media Training Bootcamp
A course offered on CreativeLive to teach you the strategy and how to you can excel with it like other social media experts. Secrets, tricks and tips are shared by nine gurus from various domains of social media i.e. Instagram advertising, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn etc. The 13 classes run for a period of 5 days. However, you can choose to download the lessons and learn at your own pace.

After going through the high volume of resources available in the market, the list above was made with only the essential courses that you need to become a proficient marketer on social media especially Instagram and Facebook.

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Melissa said...

I never knew there were any kind of classes like this. That is really neat!

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This was an excellent and informative read. Thank you for all the information.

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I hope I would become expert in digital marketing specially when I want to explore many options. Leaning I'm slow pace though

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I had no idea. I mean I knew the benefits of advertising but this is more in-depth and gives me a better understanding. Thanks for this/

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Facebook and Instagram are such important networking places to go, these tips will for sure help grow and build my networking.

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Ah, these all look like such great courses! I'd love to learn a bit more about Instagram and Facebook!

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This is a very informative list. Thank you for sharing some free and or inexpensive courses as it all can be financially overwhelming easily

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Sounds like revolutionary. Thanks for the tips and info. Added knowledge for me here

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I need to brush up my social media skills, this is great actually. Thanks a lot.


Joanna said...

There are so many courses out there but it's hard to make the difference between them and see which ones are real and which are not. I have heard so many stories when people bought courses that had nothing different than what you can already find online.

LuciWest said...

Excellent overview of courses and resources for Facebook and Instagram. It seems like there's always so much more we can learn!

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Super informative post for all those who use the digital space for business.

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Such a great and very informative post. This can be very useful if we are using Social Media for our business.

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I have been using Facebook Blueprint for a year now, And I can say that it was a great platform that could help everybody.

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Such a great roundup. Social Media Ads Course can be very helpful in growing our Social Media. It has so many resource that can be useful.

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I haven't taken a social media course yet, but it's time!

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Just what I needed. I have an account with Udemy and I will definitely look for the Facebook ads course.