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Dental Care - 5 Important Things You Might Be Doing Wrong.

Oral hygiene is an essential part of good health and well-being, and there are many different ways to promote good oral health. The way you brush your teeth, for example, has an effect on the cleanliness inside your mouth, which is why, as children, we were taught correct brushing techniques. For many people, incorrect brushing technique has a negative effect on general oral hygiene, as trapped food particles remain after brushing, which leads to the onset of tooth decay. If you would like to ensure that your daily oral hygiene practices are effective, take note of these things that you might actually be doing wrong.
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1. Incorrect Brushing Technique 

If you were never taught the correct way to brush your teeth, this might well be the cause of any dental issues you might have. It is not effective if the bristles merely travel over the tooth enamel, as the correct brushing technique requires that the fine bristles come into contact with every part of the teeth surfaces, thus removing minute particles of trapped food.

2. Type of Toothbrush 
If you are the kind of person who buys a toothbrush based on aesthetics, this has very little to do with its ability to clean. Soft, medium, or hard bristles are available and the general consensus of professional opinion is that medium is the best for effective brushing. A soft bristle toothbrush will not be able to remove trapped particles and this will result in bad breath and the onset of tooth decay. If you are in need of a BUPA dentist Brisbane locals trust, an online search will reveal the whereabouts of local dentists.

3. Shape and Size of Brush Head 
The size and shape of the toothbrush head is another consideration, and a dentist will tell you that small and slightly tilted is best, as this allows you good maneuverability when brushing. In fact, it is a good idea to ask your dentist to recommend a toothbrush, and they will likely stock some of the better brands. Effective brushing will keep your teeth and gums clean and this will prevent the onset of tooth decay.

4. Flossing 
It is possible that you are not using dental floss in the correct way, or even worse, that you don’t actually floss at all! Flossing reaches those otherwise impossible regions, especially between the teeth, where bacteria can thrive and if you are unsure about the correct flossing technique, there are plenty of instructions online that you can follow.

5. Brushing Frequency 
If you only brush your teeth in the morning and before sleeping, this is not sufficient. Of course, both morning and evening brushing in necessary, but you should also brush after every meal. Simply carry a travelling toothbrush that also has some toothpaste and you can easily pop into the restroom after lunch.

By ensuring that all of the above are addressed and that you adopt these practices on a daily basis, your teeth and gums will always be in good condition. And with regular dental check-ups, should there be a problem, it can promptly be treated.

13 replies:

Ajay Yadav said...

Even with a perfect flossing record, one of the best things you can do for your teeth is to see your dentist regularly

GiGi Eats said...

I only brush twice a day, but I also chew sugar free gum after meals! ;) Never had a cavity before in my life!

Unknown said...

Oh man, I am honestly so bad about flossing! They always scold me at the dentist so I do it for like a week after my appointment and then start to slack off :/

Geraline Batarra said...

This is such a very interesting and very informative post. Tackling about dental care are always left behind and I am glad that you are able to talk about this in your post and I hope many will able to read about this.

Unknown said...

I really need to look after my teeth better! Great tips, especially the travel toothbrush x

kumamonjeng said...

I love having good teeth as it is one of the important we see in a person. These are great tips in educating people how to take good care of their teeth. I floss daily and my dentist has actually showed me few times in the dentist chair the correct way of flossing.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Floss is my best friend I use it all the time. I actually have to use soft brushes due to my dentist opinion (it is better for my gums and teeth) but medium is generally is the best option. I also can't live without mouthwash

Elizabeth O said...

This was a really interesting post indeed. I got some new information about dental care that I didn't know. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Hieu Le said...

I never like flossing. It's so complicate and effort-requiring lol. Thanks for your advice.

Jennifer Prince said...

I am such an avid brusher! I can't stand anything on my teeth. I love your tips. I definitely need to get a new toothbrush!

Monidipa said...

I never knew so much. These techniques are umm.. I need to look at what I am doing wrong. Thank you for a useful post

Unknown said...

Wow! those are some . great tips and tricks for keeping your oral hygeine good.

My Gentle Dentist said...

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep informative posting like this!
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