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The Benefit of Essential Oils for Women’s Health.

Day to day life contains many stresses and anxieties that are at times, overwhelming, and can take a toll on our physical and mental health. As women, our bodies are constantly changing which means we need a little more TLC than most. While all of us are different and come in all beautiful shapes and sizes, one thing we can agree on is the vital importance of self-care.

Essential oils are a great way to give your body and mind a little extra care throughout the day. Here are some of the best options for daily care:
Good ol' lavender. :)
Lavender – Lavender is widely used and known for its calming abilities. It has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety and has a very soothing aroma. It can also be used as a sleep aid.

Clary Sage – Clary Sage is an anti-depressant and a mood booster.

Lemon – Lemon’s sharp citrus scent is energizing and de-stressing.

Tea Tree – Tea Tree contains antibacterial properties and is great for cleansing the skin.

Basil, Geranium, and Wild Orange – All three of these essential oils are said to balance oils as well as hormones. Basil is also a mood soother and these oils have positive effects on skin and hair.

Ginger – Ginger is not only delicious but also great for your immune system as well as aiding in digestion.

Though there are many other essential oils that have valuable benefits for women’s health, these are some of the best. And while nothing can replace a visit to your health care provider, or your daily dose of PF Supplements, these oils are a safe and natural way to do a little extra for yourself and maintain your overall health.

8 replies:

Emily Fata said...

This is a great post! I swear by my essential oils, and own two diffusers. I can't fall asleep at night anymore if I don't have my oils diffusing in my bedroom.

Anchored In Elegance said...

Thanks for the information and list of each oil. It's nice to find an explanation behind all the "hype" I've been seeing about essential oils online.

Crissy said...

Lavender is my all time favorite essential oil. Great for so many uses. Thank you for sharing I also have Clary Sage but wasn't sure the best way to use it.

Unknown said...

I would be interested in trying these mood boosting oils.

doreen said...

Thanks for sharing, I too have Lavender, Vanilla and Orange essential oils at home and use them all the time

Evelyn Lo Foreman said...

Thanks for this post. Essential oils are amazing - I love that there are healing agents in them! So amazing.

Lucile Coo said...

I love essential oils, its the only 'perfume' that I use. My favorite scents are vanilla, sandalwood, frankincense, sage and bergamont.

Elizabeth O said...

There is some really good advice here, I was particularly interested in the Clary Sage I will be looking into that :)