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Pucker Up! | Guerlain KissKiss Matte Lipstick.

Last October, Guerlain had a Facebook contest with the recently launched KissKiss Matte Lipsticks at stake. I joined for the fun of it, not expecting to win in the slightest bit. A few days after the contest ended, I received a text message from Guerlain Philippines saying that I won the contest. I was like, "Wha-aaat?! I almost even forgot that I joined this thing!"

Turns out, my name has already been announced on their Facebook page while I, the lucky winner, was still clueless. Well you know what they say, good things come when you least expect them!

The much-coveted prize, worth over Php 8000, came in the mail last week.
My prize from Guerlain Philippines!
The parcel contained four KissKiss Matte Lipsticks packed inside a small black pouch, a paper bag, and a congratulatory note from Guerlain Philippines.
Thank you, Guerlain Philippines!
Launched last September as part of Guerlain's Fall 2017 collection, the KissKiss Matte Lipstick is dubbed as the matte version of the brand's iconic lipstick, KissKiss.
Totally chic!
The lipsticks come in a totally chic, eye-candy packaging - a weighty, metal case in frosted gold, with elegant and graceful curves that look like three sleek cubes stacked on top of each other. It's a complete work of art from the packaging alone.
The Guerlain logo.
The Guerlain logo is engraved on the top part of the case, while the bottom cube bears the word 'Guerlain'. The shade name and number are indicated on the bottom of the lipstick case, as well as on the top flap of the box that comes with every KissKiss Matte Lipstick.
Shade name and number.
Shade name and number on the box.
Even the bullets have the 'KissKiss' logo on it, making these lipsticks even more appealing.
KissKiss logo on the bullet.
Guerlain and gold - a total beauty.
Now as for the lipstick itself, Guerlain describes this product as 'a hydrating and plumping lipstick, with the intensity of a lipstick and comfort of a balm'. And that's exactly what the KissKiss Matte Lipstick is.
From L-R: Caliente Beige, Hot Coral, Wild Plum, Spicy Burgundy.
With its soft and creamy texture and vibrant matte finish, the KissKiss Matte Lipstick glides on the lips beautifully without tugging or pulling against the lips. Its highly-pigmented, full-coverage formula gives your lips a gorgeous pop of color even with just one swipe, though I tend to swipe my lips two or three times more with the lighter shades.
Swatches from L-R: Caliente Beige, Hot Coral, Wild Plum, Spicy Burgundy.
Made with spice extracts, hyaluronic acid, and precious oils, the KissKiss Matte Lipstick also gives a slight (albeit temporary) plumpness to lips, while keeping it smooth and nourished over time.
Swatches in natural light - Caliente Beige, Hot Coral, Wild Plum, Spicy Burgundy.
Staying power is excellent, with the darkest shades lasting for up to eight hours with a bit of eating and drinking. There are nine shades in the KissKiss Matte line, and the ones that I have are Caliente Beige, Hot Coral, Wild Plum, and Spicy Burgundy.
Caliente Beige.
Caliente Beige is a lovely nude beige, perfect for that MLBB look.
Hot Coral.
Hot Coral is a bright, coral pink, the kind of lipstick that reminds you of cherry blossoms in the spring.
Wild Plum.
Wild Plum is a gorgeous, versatile shade of pinkish mauve, and without a doubt, my most favorite among the bunch.
Spicy Burgundy.
Spicy Burgundy, on the other hand, is a deep crimson red that's perfect for partying all night long during this season of merry-making.
Products Used:
FACE: Beyond Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base,
Benefit Erase Paste in Medium.
Missha x Line Friends Magic Cushion #23.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner,
Clio Salon de Cara Backcomb Cara.
CHEEKS: SkinFood Sugar Cookie Blusher in Bebe Pink.
LIPS: Guerlain KissKiss Matte Lipstick in Wild Plum.

I must say, I am totally smitten by these KissKiss Matte Lipsticks that I would love to own more - if not all - of the shades in the collection. Each KissKiss Matte Lipstick retails for $37 or Php 2084. A bit pricey, yes, though not surprising since Guerlain is a luxury brand.

That being said, I'd like to thank Guerlain Philippines once again for these gorgeous lipsticks! These babies are now the star(s) of my lipstick collection! :)

5 replies:

Ronnie said...

Great colors! They suit you beautifully. :) And I love the unique boxy look of the cap.

Unknown said...

These are some great matte lipsticks. I really love the shades of it. Perfect Christmas gift for my twins. I will check this out.

Unknown said...

I am loving those colors, they're perfect for the season! I've never tried their lipsticks before but it would be nice to give them a try!

Lou Lou Girls said...

beautiful colors! I have never heard of this brand. I need to check it out!

Unknown said...

Congratulations for winning! You're lucky indeed. Not only do I like the packaging but I also love the colors! They're really pretty!