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The Best Way to Build Your Makeup Kit for Less.

Every makeup lover should have a fully stocked kit to rely on no matter what look they are trying to achieve. You should have the necessary tools for contouring, smoky eyes, and even the right stuff to create a Halloween look to die for. If you’re starting from scratch, though, it can seem quite daunting. Makeup isn’t cheap, right? Right, but don’t worry – there are plenty of easy ways you can save money while building the makeup kit of your dreams.

Remember, sites like eBay can be a great place to check for makeup deals when you’re building your kit – don’t be afraid to branch outside of department stores.
Makeup haul, just because. 
1. Skin Care
The most important piece of your makeup kit isn’t even technically makeup. It’s the skin care. Serums, wipes moisturizers, Vaseline, and even hemorrhoid creams are a must, whether you’re a professional or you just love getting your makeup right on a daily basis. You don’t need name brands when it comes to the majority of these things, but don’t scrimp on moisturizers, wipes, and serums.

2. Your Needs
Building your kit right will take time, so it’s important that you get the basics right the first time. So, it’s time to analyze what makeup tools you have now and assess what other necessities you have. Think about what items you will use most often as that is where you’ll want to spend initially. These are also the things you may want to look for quality in and spend a bit more and save on the other items you won’t use as often.

3. Cost Isn’t Everything
A small price tag doesn’t mean that the product isn’t good, nor does a large price tag mean you’re getting the best product possible. Choose brands that are priced affordably, you get high-quality makeup products at inexpensive prices. Don’t be afraid to choose a combination palette – it is far more cost effective to go down this route than it is to buy a dozen shades of eye shadow separately.

4. Bulk Buys
You should feel confident about buying certain items in bulk because it’s cheaper and you will need to change things up often. For instance, your brushes should be changed regularly to prevent any skin irritations, rashes, or acne, so don’t be afraid to buy more than you need to get a lower price. You’ll thank yourself in the future. The same can be said for mascara wands, cotton balls and buds, foam sponges, and cotton pads. Think about it, the less you spend on these items the more money you will have to spend on the right parts of your makeup kit.

5. Research
Read reviews and check out ratings on new products before you buy. This will help you avoid spending too little on products that aren’t worth it or overspending on big brands that miss the mark.

6. Brushes
This isn’t the area to save money on – your brushes should be of high quality as it will ensure your face lasts and that you get the most of your makeup. You’ll also work faster with better tools, so don’t get stingy when shopping for the perfect brushes.

7. Invest in A Box
It doesn’t matter when it’s a tool box or a tool bag, as long as you have an organized storage area for your makeup you are set. This will allow you to fully organize everything you have and prevent you from buying the same products in multiples. How on earth do you expect to keep track of everything if it’s just dumped in one big bag?

8. Foundations and Primers
While you shouldn’t go cheap on your primers, you can save money when buying foundations. You don’t need to buy the biggest brands you simply need to choose a foundation that will provide you with the right amount of coverage and that will last the entire day.

9. Brush Cleaner
We’ve already covered how important your brushes are, so make sure they live long and prosper by investing in a good brush cleaner and using them after each use. This will help extend their life and prevent any unsightly rashes or acne breakouts from occurring. Of course, it will also ensure your finished look is flawless. You should have an antibacterial spray handy, too.

10. Makeup Remover
This is another item you shouldn’t cheap out on – ensure you invest in a brand that will adequately remove the makeup and is good for your skin type. There’s nothing worse than a remover that aggravates skin and causes breakouts.

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4 replies:

Veron said...

Great tips. I've been thinking about how to build my make up kit, cause I honestly don't have a great one.

Joy to the World

Humanities said...

I do try to take care of my skin by cleaning off make up and using moisturizers so I think I got a pass on that. I like your suggestion of buying make up in bulk as it may turn out to be cheaper in the long run. On the issues of brushes can one not wash and reuse one's favorite brushes?

Unknown said...

For me, I usually tend to go for the travel kits when it comes to my skincare and makeup products simply because I know for sure that makeup goes to waste if you don't use it right away. My skin is also quite sensitive so it knows when something is getting too old. There's usually a time limit on how long you can have makeup on hand, so it really makes no sense for me to accumulate more than I need.

Agnes Vazhure said...

This is such a great and awesone tips for those who are struggle in there makeup kit and how they know about right way to build a less makeup kit.