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Teatox Made Fun with Bayani Brew!

Whenever I visit the Human Heart Nature store in my area, I make it a point to buy a bottle or two (sometimes even more) of our all-time favorite Bayani Brew. My son loves this tea drink just as much, even saying that he prefers this over the usual powdered tea mixes. And that's a good thing because Bayani Brew is brewed from all-natural, proudly homegrown, pesticide-free crops.

However, Yue and I are limited to just one flavor - the classic Lemongrass Pandan, which is the only flavor available at Human Heart Nature Laguna. Thankfully, the Brew Crew granted Yue's wish to try the 'pink and yellow Bayani Brew' by sending us this gift pack which contained all three flavors of their teatox line.
Bayani Brew is love!
Priced 60% less than popular cleansing juices, Bayani Brew's detox teas - otherwise known as 'teatox' - helps flush out the toxins that accumulate in the body without the laxative effect. Brewed from organically grown greens, these teas don't just cleanse but also nourish the body with vitamins and minerals.

Staying true to its local farming roots, the new Bayani Brew variants draw inspiration from the healthy 'tsaa' (tea) recipes found all over the country. The brand uses primarily climate-resilient and perennially-grown crops such as lemongrass (tanglad), sweet potato tops (talbos ng kamote) and pandan. 

One serving of the classic Lemongrass Pandan Tea is enough to fulfill one's daily Vitamin C requirement. Lemongrass and pandan are traditionally used to cleanse the kidneys.
Lemongrass Pandan.
Shelf life, 2.5 months.
Meanwhile, the Sweet Potato Leaf tea isn't just delicious, it also helps lower blood sugar levels. Brewed with lemongrass and calamansi, each bottle contains more than 1/3 of one's daily iron requirement.
Sweet Potato Leaf.
Shelf life, 2 months.
Finally, there's the Moringa Dalandan Tea, currently my new favorite flavor in Bayani Brew's teatox line. It contains high doses of Vitamin C, calcium, and iron, and can help flush out toxins that accumulate in the liver over time.
Moringa Dalandan.
Shelf life, 1 month.
Bayani Brew's farm fresh tea drinks are organically farmed, low in calories, accessible, and now have longer shelf-life. The brand also promises to be 'sustainable from farm to bottle'. No pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used in farms, and crops are sourced at above-market prices. In addition, the bottles are made with eco-friendly materials. And by advocating the use of local ingredients, Bayani Brew hopes to help lift Filipino farmers and agricultural workers out of poverty.

Bayani Brew can be purchased at all Bo's Coffee and Human Nature branches nationwide. You can also get your Bayani Brew fix at major supermarkets and convenience stores such as Robinson's, Rustan's, Landers, and FamilyMart.

For more information about Bayani Brew, visit their official website.

13 replies:

livanies said...

Those teas looks seem to be delicious! All those different tastes! What is your favorite?

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

This looks like a yummy drink, must check it out soon. Hope I can find it in my market. It is always nice to try new products.

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

This looks like a yummy drink, must check it out soon. Hope I can find it in my market. It is always nice to try new products.

Jess C said...

I've been looking for a healthy detox to do over the summer - I think this may be it! Looks super healthy and delicious!

Jess C said...

I have been looking for a detox to do over the summer - this may be it! Looks super healthy and delicious!

Ronnie said...

These look delicious! Loving the fun design and artwork on the packaging and the color of the drink itself. Makes me want to try it, too. :d

kelly reci said...

looks nice! i would to buy this also, healthy and chemical free its all natural..

Rebecca Swenor said...

These Bayani Brew drinks sound amazing for flushing out the system. I would love to try the Moringa Dalandan Tea. Thanks for sharing the information.

Scott said...

We've been converting ourselves from drinking pop to tea, so this is perfect timing! Not sure if this brand is in our area though - will have to check.

Erin S said...

These are great and I loved how they are sourced. Great way to get in extra nutrients

Paula said...

Interesting teas! I haven't heard of this brand before, but willing to try soon! Yeu Doi

Eliz Frank said...

I love flavored teas and this looks perfect for the summer. Can we buy this in the US?

Unknown said...

Sometimes when I'm looking at "detox" things and they all include tea, it makes me somewhat sad. I cannnot for the life of me swallow or even smell tea without gagging. It bothers me so much. These seems like a great way to get nutrients and good for those who can handle the teas :)