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Spotlight | The Face Shop x The Simpsons Jeju Volcanic Lava Volcanic Ash Nose Strip.

Last month, The Face Shop launched their collaboration collection with The Simpsons, which I featured in this blog post. The collection features summer skin essentials such as sunscreens and tanning oils, and body care products such as shaving creams and deodorants.

The collaboration collection also includes sheet masks and nose strips, which I have tried while I was in Seoul. I loved the nose strips so much that I bought a few hoarded several packs, enough to last me until my next trip to Korea! Haha!
Bart Simpson Nose Strips aka
The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava
Volcanic Ash Nose Strips!
The nose strips, which sell for 3000 won (around Php 130 or $3), come in a plastic pack which bears Bart's face and the official logo of The Simpsons. Each pack contains seven individual packets, also designed with Bart's face.
Seven individual packets.
You'll find the product description, usage directions, and list of ingredients on the back of the plastic pack and the individual packets. All these are written in both English and Hangul.
Plastic pack.
Individual packet.
Made with volcanic ash, charcoal powder, and aloe leaf juice, the Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Ash Nose Strip deeply cleanses pores and draws out impurities without stripping the moisture off your skin. The strip is pasted on a transparent plastic sheet. You can easily lift off the strip from the plastic sheet; no need to worry about the edges crumpling or sticking together during the process.
The nose strip.
To use, wash your face thoroughly then leave the area around your nose completely wet. Remove the strip from the plastic sheet; then apply it across the bridge of your nose, pressing down firmly to ensure maximum contact. The black side of the strip should be the one sticking on your skin.
Stick the black side to your skin.
Leave the strip on for 10 - 15 minutes until it hardens. Slowly peel off the strip afterwards, then admire your squeaky clean nose! :)
Whitehead-free nose, here I come! :)
Personally, I like how this strip sticks nicely and covers the entire nose area. It has no weird chemical scent and does not feel itchy on the skin, unlike some of the local nose strip brands that I have tried. This nose strip dries out quickly, too. Removing it is quite easy and pretty painless - all it took for me was one quick pull. 
All that dirt, ugh!
Best of all, it does a good job of removing skin impurities. I mean, just look at all those whiteheads sticking on the strip! Grossly satisfying, haha! Even my husband was impressed, he asked me to put a strip on him after seeing all that dirt! Now he's also a fan of this nose strip, using it fortnightly like I do. :)

5 replies:

Unknown said...

oh these are so cool, I like putting bentonite clay on my face to help with blackheads so great. these are awesome options.

Unknown said...

I love this! I love trying out nose strips as I commute often and the dirt definitely piles up. I'm glad to know that this works well. You can really see the whiteheads!

Scott said...

We're huge Simpsons fans! This is an interesting pair-up - hopefully they don't turn everyone yellow! ;)

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

This is a really cool strip. I would love something that could remove the impurities and yet not affect the moisture in my skin. This sounds awesome. And, hey, it's the Simpsons!

travelpogi said...

I love nose strips! This one is sooo cute! I should check it on "THe Face shop" next time I visit the mall!

-Kelly Reci