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Fashion Pulse | 4 Dresses Every Woman Should Own.

As a woman, it's always nice to keep a few awesome dresses in your arsenal. These dresses are the ones you can wear when you know you want to look good and feel your best. In order to put your best foot forward, you have to maintain a variety of great dresses for an array of occasions. As long as you have one of each of these dresses, you'll be in great shape.
Photo credit: Agnes Maurice.

1. Business Dress

If you're going to an interview or a meeting with a client to take care of a major business deal, you can wear a suit. However, suits can sometimes feel stuffy and annoying. A simple A-line dress in a darker color like navy blue or brown will be really easy to slip on. Match it with a pair of black pumps and some pearls. This type of look instantly oozes elegance and class.
Photo credit: Versace.

2. Little Black Dress
The little black dress is perfect for those times when you'd like to step out and feel sexy doing it. A little black dress always accentuates your body in all the right places. This dress typically comes above the knees and clings to your silhouette. Whether you have a hot date or you're spending a night out with the girls, match your little black dress with some strappy heels and a fun clutch for a sassy look.
Photo credit: Fashion Lobster.

3. Formal Wear

Depending on what your social life is like, purchasing formal wear might seem extremely pointless. However, you never know what will come up and it's nice to already have a dress to wear. There's nothing worse than clamoring at the last minute to find a dress to attend a formal ball or a wedding. An easy hack to formal dress shopping involves visiting the prom dress section. There are usually lots of inexpensive prom dresses to choose from. The prom dresses are sometimes sold at better prices than some of the formal dresses in the women's section.
Photo credit: Uniqlo.

4. Lounge Dress

After a long day at work, it's nice to have a dress you can come home and slip into. A lounge dress can easily be a long maxi dress or a tube top dress that you can put on without any fuss. Loungewear is nice to have because sometimes, people will visit your home without notice. Other times, you may decide you want to step out to the grocery store for a second. If you have a simple lounge dress you can wear, you'll be able to present a look that's polished yet comfortable.

5 replies:

Divya @ EatTeachBlog said...

I have so many little black dresses in my closet! So much so that some of my LBDs have become lounge dresses over the years!

Shabby Chic Boho said...

These are all adorable dresses and the colors are perfect. I really love the second one and will check it out.

Xon said...

I had to learn this the hard way when my clothes would normally just contain the casual ones. I had no business attire and formal dresses to wear! From that outfit crisis, I learned that I needed to have these essentials always.

Unknown said...

I wish I knew this before I started with college. It would have eliminated the pressure of going out last minute to shop for the dress that I need! Lesson learned!

Ruth I said...

I think I agree with that. I do not own any dress right now. I guess I should invest and buy some for me.