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Spotlight | Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist.

After having discovered the wonders of face mists about a year ago, it has become a habit to bring a bottle (or can) in my purse wherever I go. My current favorite is the Green Tea Mineral Mist by Innisfree.
Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist.
A brand made even popular by its endorser, the Prince of Asia Lee Min Ho, Innisfree also takes pride in being one of the most environment-friendly skincare brands in Korea with the use of organic ingredients for their products and eco-friendly materials for their packaging.
A product of Jeju Island! :)
Case in point, the 4-Free system, as indicated in this Green Tea Mineral Mist. The 4-Free system means this product is free from these four ingredients are harmful to the skin - ethanol, artificial dye, animal material, and mineral oil.
4-Free System.
Now here's a brief description of the product which I stumbled upon on the web:
"Enriched with Green Tea and Green Complex from Jeju island, Green Tea Mineral Mist revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture. Formulated with moisture from our freshly-squeezed green tea, this hypoallergenic and ethanol-free facial mist instantly replenishes moisture to your thirsty skin."
Made with organic Jeju green tea.
Grown in healthy, volcanic soil, the green tea from Jeju Island is known for its pure quality and its richness in amino acids and minerals that help keep the skin hydrated. In addition to the organic green tea water,  this product also contains panthenol which encourages cell growth and the production of moisture.
Green Complex.
To use, hold the can a few centimeters away from the face, then spray with your eyes closed. Afterwards, gently pat your face for better product absorption.
I love the cool, refreshing feeling I get each time I spray this mist on my face. And I love how this product leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards. It's light and non-sticky, and the scent is amazing, too - fresh and sweet, yet very subtle. 
A spritz or two to get me through the hot summer day.
Spray this on your bare face to give your skin a nice, healthy glow. Or you can spray this over makeup for that instant dewy effect on the skin. And because the product dries quickly, you need not worry about your mascara running or your foundation caking. 
Here's how the product looks like when sprayed on the skin.
And how your skin looks like afterwards.
My only gripe about this product is the nozzle. It doesn't spray as fine as other face mists that I've tried, and the nozzle is a bit hard to control. I usually end up with a bit of white residue on my face, but nothing a good pat (or a dab with a tissue) can't fix.

What I love:
- Handy, travel-friendly packaging.
- Made with natural ingredients.
- Chemical-free.
- Light and non-sticky.
- Easily absorbed by the skin.
- Makes the skin feel cool and refreshed.
- Moisturizes the skin.
- The scent.
- Hypoallergenic; safe for sensitive skin.
- Affordable price.

What you might not like:
-  The nozzle is a tad difficult to control.
- Not locally available, so I purchased mine online.
After spraying my face with some Green Tea goodness. :)
Products Used:
FACE: Etude House House Beauty Shot Face Blur,
The Saem Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 CC Cream,
Benefit Erase Paste in Medium.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
K-Palette Real Lasting Micro Eyeliner in Black,
Forever 21 Love & Beauty Eyeliner Pencil in Brown,
Missha Viewer 270 HD Lash Curl Mascara.
CHEEKS: Tony Moly Cristal Blusher in Pleasure Peach.
LIPS: Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick in Beige Chiffon.
The Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist comes in two sizes - 50 mL and 150 mL. I bought my 50 mL can from Kkochipida for only Php 195. I'm thinking of buying asking the husband to buy the bigger size next time, and I reckon it won't be long before I do he does. I checked the price on Emart, and the 150 mL bottle sells for 11000 Korean won (around $10 or Php 450).

Are you a fan of face mists, too? Which brand is your favorite? :)

16 replies:

Christy Maurer said...

I'll bet that would feel really good after spending the day in the hot sun! It really made your skin glow.

Dina said...

I've not used one in years. I have really dry skin I should try this during the hot summer.

Heather Jones said...

Looks very refreshing! I would use it. R cause it wouldn't dry my face out on hot days.

Anonymous said...

I used this a lot too, however I just got really lazy... =X I love the scent of their green tea range, I must go and have a look again :)

Celly | Asian beauty and makeup blog

Rachee said...

This looks refreshing! I would love this after being outside in the garden or when I go for a walk. I love that it does;t make your face look shiny and runny,

Rachee said...

This looks refreshing! I would love this after being outside in the garden or when I go for a walk. I love that it does;t make your face look shiny and runny,

Christy G said...

This spray looks refreshing. I would love to try it. I don't like it when my face feels sweaty.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This sounds like an amazing product indeed and I have been hearing of more products with green tea in them. I would be willing to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Holly Ord said...

I don't usually use face mist, but I am absolutely loving what it did for your skin. It is glowing and beautiful!

Liz Mays said...

It sounds totally refreshing! I've never tried anything like this.

Lexie Lane said...

I like anything labeled green tea. I just don't like that I can't understand what's on the label. I think you've got nice skin already Czjai!

debdenny said...

This sounds good. I could use that

Erin S said...

I have never seen this in a mist. Looks like it works great

Animetric said...

This hot summer has made me gain an appreciation for facial spritzes like this. I'm currently using Avene but this looks interesting too. I hope Innisfree arrives at our shores soon!

Unknown said...

Wow the results are outstanding and would love to have and try this product soon! Thanks

Unknown said...

Wow the results are outstanding and would love to have and try this product soon! Thanks