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Child Welfare and Parenting Plans.

Not all the parents who lose touch with their children have chosen to do so — sometimes, it is the system in place creates unnecessary conflict.

We support the Government’s commitment to family values and the call for parents to recognize their responsibilities. It is a very depressing fact that 30 per cent of all children in the UK (almost 3 million) have lost touch with one of their parents. This affects not just the parents and children, but also the grandparents and other family members with whom the children are denied contact. It is of little surprise that those children tend to go on to perform less well at school and are more likely to become victims of crime, drink and drug habits.
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However, it is a mistake to assume that all these parents have chosen to lose touch with their children. Many are driven away by a system that creates unnecessary conflict during separation. (Reference:

We believe that the answer is to adopt arrangements which are less adversarial and improve the child’s welfare by presuming that, unless otherwise shown, children are best brought up with the love and guidance of both their parents. We urge the Government to include provision for mandatory Parenting Plans in the Family Justice Bill. Written clearly and without needless bureaucracy, these plans require parents to agree on how to manage their children’s lives, covering everything from holidays to homework; thereby building confidence and reducing the risk of major disputes later. With almost as many parents now separated as are together it is imperative that we get this right for children and families.

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