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Trend-spotting | Red is in for Autumn 2013!

This season's makeup trend is all about being fiery and bold. And nothing speaks bold like a tube of smoldering red lipstick. So expect MAC's Ruby Woo and Rimmel's Kate Red to be selling like hotcakes this season. (As if Ruby Woo isn't a bestseller all throughout the year, lol.)

Not to be outdone by the European and Western brands, Korean cosmetics companies have also released makeup collections that are attuned with this season's trend.

Feast your eyes on the latest releases from some of my favorite Korean makeup brands.
Han Bo Reum for The Face Shop.
It is what it is for The Face Shop's Fall (and Winter) Collection - Simply Classic
My eyes are fixated on the fourth to the last tube. :)
Their Artist Touch lipstick has three ranges - Moisture, Glossy, and Creamy Matte. Pictured above are the shades from the Moisture range.
Yoona for Innisfree.
Meanwhile, glossy, moisturized lips are the promise of Innisfree's Color Glow line. There are ten different shades in the collection, and those purple-toned ones in the middle kinda tickle my fancy.
BoA for Missha.
Missha, on the other hand, calls its Fall collection 'Belle Epoque' - reminiscent of the era of artistic and cultural refinement in French history. That wine red lipstick from the Fatal Aura range is giving me the 'Moulin Rouge' vibe - chic, sultry, and utterly sexy.
Rosy Tint Lips.
Etude House's Rosy Tint Lips are actually lip stains - with a twist to it.
Sulli for Etude House.
They're packaged like lip glosses but are highly pigmented, with a creamy texture and a matte finish. And I can't wait to grab shades number 3 and 8 for myself, lol.
Loving Laneige. :)
Last but not the least, there's Laneige and their heart-pounding, show-stopping collection of 'Serum Intense' Lipstick. They have 20 different shades in the collection, all of which have a lovely, satin finish.

But why, you may ask, is red the 'in' thing this autumn?
Park Hye Jeong, a makeup artist at NARS, puts it this way, "A prolonged recession makes people feel that they can't afford even a little bit of luxury. A simple touch of red lipstick alone is like complete make-up, so the answer is red."

So ladies, which red lipstick will you be wearing this season?

15 replies:

MikiHope said...

I love the color red--but not in lipstick--it really does not look good on me at all--Now put me in a red dress or blouse and my cheeks pick up the color!!

Kath Rivera said...

Because of you post, I'm tempted to buy another red lippie :) Thanks for sharing and I'm sure you look sexy with red lips!

Animetric said...

Wow! I love all the lippies, the shades are to die for. I wonder why it's not Song Hye Kyo in the Laneige poster?

Karen Dawkins said...

No matter how hard I try, I just can't get used to myself in bright red lipstick, but it's one of my favorite colors to wear -- especially as an Ohio State football fan! :)

Yette said...

True. Red is so in this season. I'm trying to get used to it actually.

mystylespot said...

I really need to get brave and start wearing a red lip! Its so beautiful!

Sofia said...

I like wearing red....I just don't like red lipstick on anyone -I don't know why!

Kero said...

love the red lipstick and economics relation haha.

I too, if there's one beauty must have -- a pair of glamorous red lipstick. always worth investing..anytime of the year.

Gen-zel said...

I love red, it's a symbol of elegance + sophisticated for me. I was really afraid to try red before until I get used to it but I think berry red suits me best. :D

MaryJane Tauyan said...

so love the lipsticks! i have so many red lippies in different shades too! i wear them when I am too lazy to put something on my eyes hehe

Franc said...

Red does make the face more vibrant for ladies.

Mom-Friday said...

I've always been a fan of red lipsticks and I've glad it's getting the hype again. I'm on the hunt for another tube... I'll check out that Face Shop, Laneige, and Mac Riri Woo :)

Lexie Lane said...

I could never pull off red like these ladies. My lips are way too big for them. I love all these colors though. Such a nice variety!

Badet Siazon said...

I'm planning to buy another lipstick. I'm eyeing MAC Ruby Woo but I'll definitely check out Laneige too.

Dhadha G. said...

Red is so in! I have few red lippies on my drawer pero minsan ko lng ginagamit. Nkaka agaw pansin kasi. Hihi. :))