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Mum's Night Off!

As a mum, your average day is jam packed with running errands, doing chores, and taking care of the kids. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done and have a little time to yourself. That’s why when you get a rare night off from taking care of the kids, you should do something extra special with it. Here are a few suggestions for ways to treat yourself:

Get the spa treatment at home.
Have the entire house to yourself for the night? Use the opportunity to pamper yourself with an at-home spa treatment. Have a relaxing soak in the tub with some mood-boosting aromatherapy bath salts, making sure to use an exfoliating scrub and a deep conditioner. Do a steam facial by boiling hot water on the stove, then curl up in a cosy robe and give yourself a mani and pedi while watching your favourite flick. You’ll feel the stresses of everyday life slowly start to melt away.

Have a date night out.
Leaving the kids with a loved one or a sitter for the night? Slip into one of the most gorgeous cocktail dresses in the UK for a much-needed date night with your hubby. Make reservations at that new restaurant you’ve wanted to try for months, then head to a show or out for a few post-dinner cocktails. Spending some alone time with your partner will allow you to revisit the romance of your relationship, which often gets neglected when you’re trying to figure out who is going to make lunches or pick up the kids from their after school activities.
With my lovely mommy friends. :)
Reconnect with your friends.
Remember when you had unlimited time to spend hanging out with friends at the local café or pub? Those were the days, weren’t they? While your friends probably occupy an increasingly small amount of your time these days, it’s important to reconnect with them every once in a while to remind yourself of the world beyond changing nappies and packing school lunches. Plan a ladies night out so that you can get all dressed up and enjoy some cocktails and dancing. Fancy something quieter? Buy a bottle of wine and some snacks and have a movie night in.

Rediscover yourself.
Before you had kids, there was plenty of time for lingering at museums and hanging out at poetry readings. Use your night off from the kids to rediscover one of your hobbies or passions that you just haven’t had time for. Watch out for special events and activities in your local newspaper listings, then schedule your coveted night off around the one that most excites you. Who knows? You could end up making some new friends in the process.

8 replies:

earthlingorgeous said...

i believe that moms should always have a day or time for herself and not worry about anything else to recharge and become a better mom

Unknown said...

spa treatment here and there. that's how we spoil our mom!

Unknown said...

Now I realized that my wife need this kind of things.. Thanks for this tips

Kaisensei said...

Not yet a mom but a single working and tired gal... the suggestions are still appealing. hehe. SPA HOME TREATMENTS for the win! And after the spa... derecho tulog. Awesome! hehe. my dream staycation as of now. :P

Franc said...

I guess every mom is entitled for some rest and recreation time and spa, dinner dates and time with friends may be the perfect venue.

Franc said...

I guess every mom is entitled for some rest and recreation time and spa, dinner dates and time with friends may be the perfect venue.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

nice tips you have here for mommies.

The Mommy Roves said...

pag naging mommy ako dapat lagi merong night out with my friends haha :D