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Spazz Saturday #9 | Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour Manila!

More than a week has passed since this year's ultimate Kpop event took place, but the sound of Taeyang's "Manila, Baby! Manila, Baaaa-by!" still resonates in my ears. This my friends, is what we call the Beautiful Hangover. I'm pretty sure majority, if not all of those present during the Alive Galaxy Tour Manila, feel the same way as I do.
Samsung Galaxy Booth.
My girls and I arrived at the MOA Arena around 5:30 pm. It had been announced via Facebook and Twitter that gates will open at 6pm, and by the time we got there, a huge crowd was already piled up at ONE side of the MOA Arena. We were expecting a smaller crowd and shorter queue by the time we've finished dinner and done taking photos at the Samsung and Jeju Air booths (that was a little before 7pm), but NOOOOO - the crowd became even more ginormous and rambunctious because the gates didn't open as scheduled.

More photos after the jump!

Free Big Bang ballpens at the Jeju Air booth!
You get this Big Bang model plane when you book a flight with Jeju Air.
Photo opp with the boys (standee, lol).
I seriously wanted to bring this baby home, haha!
So I just realized that my pink cropped jacket, studded top,
black jeggings, and black satchel are all from Forever 21.
Sneakers are Onitsuka Tiger California 78.
A glimpse of things to come at the Samsung Booth.
Bought the crown headband from a Korean ahjumma who's selling them for 300 pesos.
I talked to her in Hangul, much to her delight. ^^
Seungri-ssi, biccyeo... I wanna be frozen next to Choi Seung-hyun haha!
With the concert hour nearing and the gates not opening, the crowd has become restless, irate, and obviously pissed. And while it was great that the concert began on time, we were so freakingly annoyed because the girls and I were still outside the effin' gates!!!

When we made it inside the Arena, the boys were almost through with How Gee! We missed four songs already, including the epic capsule Still Alive intro. Aigoo, chincha chongmal seki! Issa and I were so ready to strangle the organizers/bouncers/manong guards because we missed Fantastic Baby! And to think we were so ready to dance dance dance d-dance. Sesanghe!
My new partner in crime. :)
Finally getting to see the boys pacified our anger (a bit), and seeing TOP and GDragon in the flesh drove us out of our wits. Ppeokigayo, ppeokigayo! 
GD, baby!
This was Monster, I think.
Next time, I'd really kill for VIP seats. Haha!
Good thing the boys interacted with the fans, with Seungri saying 'I love the Philippines', 'this is incredible', and Daesung smiling like there's no tomorrow, lol.

They also did an encore performance, and thankfully it included Fantastic Baby. But it was TOP's "Mahal ko ka-yo" complete with Minnie ears and sheepish smile that really made me shriek like a noona gone mad.

Their promise to return to Manila was something we're all looking forward to. I hope the next time will be a hassle-free, stress-free experience for me. Because you know, my son was having a puppet show the same time Big Bang was performing.

This certainly wouldn't have happened had the school not reschedule the puppet show, which was originally set on October 25. I was hoping they'd cancel the puppet show because the weather was already bad by mid-day, but nooooo. Rain or shine, they pushed through. Anyhow, it is what it is, and what's done is done. I'm a nappeun omma for choosing Big Bang over my son.

And with that, I leave you with Haru Haru, my most favorite Big Bang song of all time.
Credits to Kpop Jpop for capturing the moment.

Also, happy birthday TOP! Noona loves you! :)

It's Saturday! What are you spazzing on? 

14 replies:


I'm soooo looking forward for their next visit here in Manila. I'd kill for VIP seats as well! Haha! ♥

Czjai said...

Haha, yes! We should camp in front of SM or wherever the tickets will be sold, lol!

shykulasa said...

oh, you're there too :) i went there out of curiosity and was amazed by how fans worship them but now I'm no longer clueless why ;)

Pinay Thrillseeker said...

I have friends who watched this and also have posted their photo op with the standee. I wonder how you'd feel if it was a real photo op with them. Perhaps you won't be able to sleep? :D

virtualdetective said...

I've heard of Big Bang before but I've always tried my best to resist the urge to dive into Korean pop music for many reasons. Nonetheless, I do admire how this little country has taken the world by storm through its pop culture. Unbelievable and amazing.

Lizzie said...

I don't know them. :( I live in a cave. But the stage looks cool, I have to say.

Rovie said...

Huge crowd is expected for Superstars like them. I wish Davao can have the opportunity to witness the same.

I can just imagine the "kilig" and fun during the concert...

Animetric said...

I actually saw their digital ads at Mall of Asia Arena when I went to watch Wilson Phillips! What a cool set-up may free pens pa hehe!

Crazed in the Kitchen said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time with your friends! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Spaz Saturday.
It's the name that drew me in :)

ReviewsSheRote said...

sorry the start was rocky--but in the end it seems like you had fun.

Gina Jacobs Thomas said...

I'm with Pretty/Ugly - I didn't know about them before this post, either. But thanks for the introduction! Sounds like, despite the rough start, that it turned out to be a fun evening. Glad you had a good time!

Unknown said...

I don't know them either, but what a blast!

Life by Cynthia said...

I'm glad that you had fun and great pics despite the delay and frustration early on.