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Project BB Cream | Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream.

Just as my stubborn pores paved the way for me to use the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, this same dilemma prodded me to switch BB creams as well. Although the clay mask did a great job of taming my pores and returning them to their usual invisible state, I decided to use a different BB cream brand for the time being. From Etude House Precious Minerals All Day Strong (my favorite BB cream from the brand Dara endorses), I switched to Missha Wrinkle Filler BB Cream, which I discovered through an online beauty forum.

Aside from the praises and positive feedback, what initially drew me to this product was its lovely packaging.
Lovely, just lovely.
With its elegant color and intricate design, you'd think that it's perfume. Come to think of it, this BB cream's packaging actually looks better than most perfume bottles. This one is made of plastic, though.

Chocolate swirls!
Even the BB cream itself is pretty. See that swirly pattern inside? The beige part is the BB cream, while the white part is the wrinkle filler. It looks a lot like Hershey's Hugs to me. Oh, yum!

I'm #21 (Light Beige) in Missha.  Comes in #23 (Natural Beige), too.
Here's how it looks like when squeezed out of the bottle. There's still a distinction between the wrinkle filler and the BB cream. It looks a tad runnier than the Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream, but the gel-like consistency makes it quite easy to spread out and blend.

My face has a lighter complexion than the back of my hand. :)
The BB cream and wrinkle filler, which appear as separate entities, blend together to cover all sorts of imperfections on your skin. Silicone elastomer, the active ingredient in the wrinkle filler, targets pores and fine lines to smoothen the skin and give it an even, moisturized tone. I love the velvety feel it leaves on my skin, and the amazing coverage it gives without looking ghastly or cakey.

The Missha Wrinkle Filler BB Cream has an SPF37/ PA++  Other brands go as high as SPF50/PA++, but 37 isn't so bad. At least it's way better than the Signature Real Complete's SPF25/PA++.

The scent of this BB cream is pretty remarkable, too. It smells really, really good! Fragrant, almost perfume-like, but not too strong or overpowering, the scent actually lingers quite a bit on your skin.

What I love:
- Classy and elegant packaging.
- Easy to blend and build-up.
- Fragrant scent.
- Medium to full coverage. (Depending on the extent of coverage you need.)
- Doesn't dry the skin.
- Doesn't make the skin oily. (Well, I don't have oily skin to begin with.)
- Impressive staying power. (Six to eight hours at the very least.

What YOU might not like:
- Limited shades available. (There's only #21 and #23.)
- It comes in one size only. (That's the 100mL bottle, as pictured above.)
- The price. 

The Missha Wrinkle Filler BB Cream sells for Php 2100 here in the Philippines. It's sells for a lot less in Korea at KRW 29800 - that's around Php 1094 when converted. Thank you to my ever-so-wonderful husband, who is a good provider - makeup and cosmetics, included. :)

Winner of the 11th Sure Beauty Awards, Best BB Cream.
Oh, and here's good news for those who want to give this, and all other Missha products a try. If you're in Korea, there's a huge sale happening until the 31st, and you can get this Wrinkle Filler BB Cream at 30% off!

For those in the Philippines, all you have to do is print this voucher to get a 15% discount on ALL items! Limited vouchers available so try to take advantage of this great opportunity when you can.

18 replies:

Claire said...

Thanks for the review. It comes in a pretty bottle, I am glad you love it. (I go with fragrance free stuff myself.)


Thanks for the review. I was eyeing this product when I was at the Missha store. It just looks so beautiful on the shelves but it is quite pricey. I do hope it has a good oil control because I have very oily skin. It already has good coverage and can minimize pores so those are a big plus for me! :)

Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

I saw a lot of Missha stores when we were in Korea. I didn't buy much though as I only stocked up on face mask.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the review, everything looks so nice!

Hezzi-D said...

Great review and I agree-the bottle is prettier then most perfume bottles!

Unknown said...

thank you for this. The packaging is gorgeous!

Pepper Tan said...

That's just what I need for my skin imperfections. Too costly for me though. You're lucky to have a doting hubby :)

CrazyNutsMom said...

Sounds like you found a new product you really like. It's sometimes hard to find a product that you love. Thanks for the info.

mail4rosey said...

Nice to read a quality recommendation on the product. I love the packaging!

Rhea Bue (Styles&Writes) said...

woah!!! bb cream pala sya?? hahahaha :D I really though Missha launched their first perfume na. nyahahaha.. amazing! i love the packaging! :D I wanna try this.. I've been using missha ever since.. but ever since my etude bb cream came, mas hiyang ako dun kesa sa missha.. so ayun.. di pa naman ubos yung missha ko kaso di ko na ginagamit.. sayang :(

Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

Anonymous said...

I love this review! We just shared it on our facebook fan page at I'm sure our US and Canadian customers would love to read about this :)

imriz said...

very elegant packaging. can really pass as a perfume.
as per the spf, the higher the spf, the more it create blotches on the face. so, 30+ is A-okay.

Unknown said...

i really wanna try this one cause of the packaging! lol imma buy this as soon as i am finish with my etude tube :) thanks for sharing your inputs about this product, convinced me more!

MaryJane Tauyan said...

this is definitely a must try BB cream for me!! it looks really nice!! good reviews from you too! I love how i can remember YSL lippy cases before! xx

The Mommy Roves said...

wow i initially thought it was a perfume. i love the packaging :) i bet its a good brand :) medyo expensive but i think its worth it :)

Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

The packaging is sooo nice nga! I really want to try the Missha BB Creams but the prices here in the Philippines are extortion! I don't know anyone in Korea at the moment so I can't make them buy for me. Hahaha Lucky you for your wonderful husband who indulges your cosmetics addiction :D

Mom-Friday said...

I love my Missha complete BB cream #23, except for the smell. Ordered it from the US. I guess this one is much better, and more expensive too!

Anonymous said...

Very energetic post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?