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Lock, Lock, & Away!

I currently have a new addiction. Surprisingly, it's neither makeup nor a Kpop group.
What I'm loving right now are...


Lock&Lock products!

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I actually bought these over the weekend at the SM Department Store. Got them for half the price, thanks to the four-day Independence Day Sale.

My brother, who brings his own lunch to work every so often, introduced me to Lock&Lock. A few months back, he showed me his really cool, 'super airtight', and 'absolutely spill-proof' food keeper. I was quite impressed with its features, particularly its spill-proof quality that I decided to buy some for myself.
For Yue, actually, since these are for meant for his snacks, which he will bring to school.

The Lock&Lock guarantee.
When they said they're liquid-tight, they really are! The four-sided interlocking system secures the cover in its place. No spills, drips, or leaks no matter how much you tilt or shake it.

Wonder what that 0.05g means?
That's the Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR), which is a test level that determines the product's airtightness. The lower the value of the WVTR, the better the airtightness. And when a container is airtight, food stays fresh and well-preserved.

No Bisphenol A here!
The best thing about Lock&Locks?
They're BPA-free!

So don't be surprised if I got Yue these 'adult-looking' containers and not those Ben10 or Angry Birds lunch box sets. They could be laden with BPA and melamine for all I know.

Eco-friendly moms (like me!) would be glad to know that Lock&Lock is a 'green premium' product. Its 'BISFree' line is made from Tritan, a newly developed copolyester which reduces CO2 in manufacturing, is BPA-free, and 100% recyclable.

While Lock&Locks may be a tad pricier than the usual microwaveable food containers, at least I am guaranteed that they're safe for my child, and for the environment, too. Next time they go on sale, I'm buying more of these babies. I'm eyeing the BISFree 10-piece set and the 18-piece Nestables! :)

4 replies:

Badet said...

I love Lock&Lock too! Good thing they are priced lower now than years back. This is more health-friendly esp. to kids. Smart move as always sis =)

Mitchteryosa said...

Katuwa naman sis, kakablog ko lang din about Lock & Lock sa ko haha!

I so love Lock & Lock, walang leak!!

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

That's right! Safe over cute! :D I love lock and lock products too! Keeps my baon from spilling talaga. It's annoying when you pack lunch and you get food all over your lunch bag. So glad that lock and lock was invented! :D

Mom-Friday said...

We love Lock&Lock products - from water tumblers to food keepers. I'm lucky I know the distributor :))) But I still often buy full price at dept. stores. They now have a new glassware line which I am eyeing to purchase next.