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Common Winter Car Problems.

Winter, especially in northern climates, isn't an ideal time for vehicles. When the air gets cold, for one thing, it contracts and decreases the amount of pressure in your tires. The electrochemical reaction that allows the battery to start your car slows during cold weather, weakening the power of the battery. Each of the moving parts in the engine and attached to the chassis has a more difficult time working in freezing temperatures. Winter brings other problems for vehicles in the form of precipitation. Freezing rain, sleet and snow can create hazardous conditions and those deflated tires will have trouble on them. If your windshield wipers have been neglected, you'll have a difficult time seeing during the long periods of darkness, when the snow is whipping around you. Sand and salt can corrode the vehicle's body and can be tracked inside to destroy the interior, as well. Winter brings with it several common car problems.

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Look Up Your VIN: Vehicle Identification Number
VINs are the identifying codes for specific automobiles. Each vehicle that is created is given a unique VIN and VIN tags are placed in multiple locations on the vehicle. You can find your VIN in several places, including on the vehicle's title and on the driver's side dashboard.

When you're looking for parts for your car or truck, knowing your VIN can save you time and hassle. By entering that number into a computer, you've narrowed the search down to parts and accessories for your particular vehicle. The year, make, model, trim level and package are all instantly recognized.

In the winter, when your heater core is on the fritz, creating cold conditions in the cabin, you'll expedite the process of replacing the part by accessing and communicating the VIN to whatever database you're investigating.

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Providing Part Match Recommendations
An A/C heater blend door actuator can take care of the conditions of the cabin unless it's broken. When you get part match recommendations, you can get an actuator, or any other important part, in short order.

Sometimes, a cold car just doesn't want to start. When you're confronted with this scenario, the question becomes, which of the hundred or so issues could it be? When your vehicle doesn't turn over, it could be the battery or the spark plugs. It could also be thickened motor oil, thickened gas in the line or a bad starter or alternator. Once you've identified the part that has lost its integrity, you can rely on part match recommendations to order you a replacement quickly.

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Dealing With Common Winter Car Problems
Even though winter brings with it some issues for drivers to deal with, there are things that can help. Winterizing your vehicle will help ensure that your fluids, sparkplugs and belts are in good repair and a VIN lookup can get you the parts that you need to stay functional and safe. You can use a voltmeter to check your battery's voltage. Visit an auto parts store today to pick up any parts or accessories that your vehicle needs to function at maximum performance level.

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