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Foodie Goodie | Samuel's Plate Gastropub.

A few weeks back, I blogged about how Mum celebrated her birthday (in advance) with the kids of St. Martin de Porres Kids' Home, a charitable institution that houses abandoned/street children. Mum chose to do a bit of charity work instead of throwing a party or a beach trip, and my siblings and I were more than willing to join her in her cause.

Of course, my siblings and I wouldn't let her birthday pass without a get-together. And so, on her actual birthday, we took Mum out for dinner at Samuel's Plate Gastropub, one of the fancier dining places here in San Pablo City.
The birthday girl and the grandkids at Samuel's Plate Gastropub.
Established in 2016, Samuel's Plate is the first of its kind not just in San Pablo City, but in the entire province of Laguna. The gastropub is located at Brgy. San Roque - a three-storey brick building with a rustic design and a country-style vibe. The ground floor is the pub where you can sit down and have a snack while sipping on some cocktails, while the second floor is the main restaurant, ideal for dining with a large group. The third floor, on the other hand, serves as a function hall for parties, weddings, and the like.
Samuel's Place Package Deals.
Samuel's Plate has a menu so diverse and interesting that makes you want to try everything. Thankfully, they offer Package Deals that make this task of choosing what to order and what to eat simpler and less complicated. Each package has a combination of Filipino and Western dishes, with drinks and dessert to boot. We ordered package C and E, because we wanted to try as many dishes in one sitting, haha!

Here's a closer look at the dishes included in the two package deals, plus the Mushroom Soup that Mum had as her appetizer:
Mozarella Croquettes - potato croquettes stuffed with cheese and comes with three different dips.
Love this appetizer! Crunchy on the outside and cheesy on the inside!
Cream of Mushroom Soup - creamy and flavored just right. Does not taste like the instant/canned kind.
Smoked Ribs - fall-off-the-bone goodness, smoked and seasoned to perfection.
Definitely the best ribs in town! 
Crispy Kare-kare - another must-try dish!
The savory sauce and crispy lechon kawali is a perfect combination.
Alfredo - Yue loved this so much, he pretty much ate everything.
Bicol Express Curry - not as spicy as I would have wanted my Bicol Express to be,
but yummy nonetheless. 
Chicken Sisig - Mum's not a fan of sisig, but surprisingly she loved this one A LOT!
Sinigang na Salmon - sour, and I like it like that. ;)
Ube Stuffed Suman - I'm not fond of plain ol' suman,
but stuffed with ube inside and drizzled with latik, well that's a totally different story.
Chocolate cake - moist and chocolatey, but not overly sweet. 
Oh, and they even gave Mum another slice of cake, on the house, because it's her birthday. They also serve coffee, which tastes better than overpriced ones from branded coffee shops. No kidding!
Mum's birthday cake courtesy of Samuel's Plate.
They even sang a birthday song for her! :)
Cappucinno to cap the night.
Dining at Samuel's Plate was truly a gastronomic experience. Their food doesn't come cheap, I must admit, but you definitely get your money's worth in terms of taste, ambiance, and service.
Happy 57th birthday, Mum! :)
We're certainly coming back to this restaurant to celebrate the next family occasion. Yue's graduation, perhaps? Hopefully, this COVID-19 situation gets better so that the graduation ceremonies will push through and Mum can come home again to celebrate with us.

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