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Sneak Peek | Colourpop x Sailor Moon Collection.

Colourpop is launching a new collection in two days' time, and OMG I have never been more excited for this one! Their latest collection is actually a collaboration with Toei Animation - Sailor Moon, to be exact - and the 90's kid in me is super stoked!
The pretty guardian of the Moon is here to make y'all pretty!
Reminisce your childhood and take a trip down memory lane as you get a glimpse of the Colourpop x Sailor Moon collection. Moon prism power, make up - literally! :)
Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette.
The Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette features 12 gorgeous shades, with an array of warm and cool tones. The glittery ones are sure to make your eyes dazzle, while the matte shades are perfect for your everyday look.
Gliterally Obsessed.
Jazz up your look with these Gliterally Obsessed body glitters! They're loaded with tiny flakes of moons and stars and come in two variants - Moonlight Legend in pink and Moon Prism Power in purple.
Pressed Powder Blush.
Luna, the black talking cat, also makes a special appearance in the Pressed Powder Blushes! They come in two shades - From the Moon (soft magenta) and Cat's Eye (light pink). There's even an imprint of her face on the blush itself, which makes this product even more adorable! 
Lip Bundles.
Finally, we have the lip bundles, which also come in two variants. The Daylight Lip Bundle comes with the shades Bun Head and Sailor Moon, while the Moonlight Lip Bundle comes with the shades Usagi and Moon Tiara. Each bundle comes with an Ultra Blotted Lip and an Ultra Glossy Lip.

The Colourpop x Sailor Moon Collection will be launching on February 20, 10 AM PST. That's February 21, 2 AM here in the Philippines so set your alarms if you want to get first dibs on this limited edition collection! :)

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