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An In-Car Safety Guide for New Parents.

Using a car seat or child safety seat is one of the best ways to protect your kids when traveling in the car, and they are a legal requirement in all states. Car accidents are amongst the leading causes of serious injury and death for young children, so keeping your child safe when you’re driving depends on choosing the right seat and using it correctly. If you’re a new parent, keeping your baby safe in the car is going to be a top priority. Here are some tips to keep in mind.
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#1. Choosing the right car seat
You should always choose a car seat that meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213; you can find this information on the car seat box or label. It’s a good idea to purchase the seat well before your child’s first ride so that you can learn how to install it and use the harness correctly. If you are struggling, ask for help – some sales assistants may be trained to do this, or you can find plenty of reputable online tutorials. You can also visit a child car seat inspection station, which are set up across the country by the federal government, where they can provide advice or double-check that the seat has been installed correctly. Check out AskTheLawyer to find out more about specific car seat rules and regulations in your state.
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#2. Using a second-hand car seat
Using a second-hand car seat can seem like a good way to save some money on the mounting expenses that come with welcoming a new child into the world, but it can also carry a massive risk. Only use a second-hand car seat that you can be sure has not been involved in an accident – if it has it may be damaged in ways that are not visible to the naked eye. You should also fully inspect the seat or have a professional look over it for you; don’t use a car seat that has any parts missing or if it is lacking a model number and manufacture date. Car seats will also have recommended ‘expiration dates’, so it’s worth checking for this too.
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#3. What type of car seat?
For new parents, there are generally two different types of car seat to choose from. The popular choice is an infant car seat, which fit newborns and smaller infants up to around 35 pounds. You will need to replace your car seat when your infant outgrows it. These car seats are designed to be rear-facing as a small child is likely to be much more protected in this position in the event of a crash, as the back of the seat will cradle the child’s head, neck, and torso. Small children can usually stay rear-facing until around age 3-4. Some infant seats are also designed to double as carriers or rockers, so provide added convenience. Alternatively, you may wish to use a convertible seat, which can be used as an infant seat and converts to be placed in different positions as your child grows.

 No matter which car seat you choose to use for your child, ensuring that it is safe and in line with state and federal regulations is crucial.

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