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No More Rumbly in the Tumbly with Erceflora ProbiBears!

My son turns ten in a little over a week, and he's at that stage in life where he'd eat just about anything save for ampalaya (bitter gourd), okra, and liver. (I don't eat this stuff either, just so you guys know, lol.) He is quite a voracious eater despite his lanky frame, and it's his insatiable appetite that almost got us into trouble while we were vacationing in Korea last spring.

Yue had stomach flu on our final week in Seoul, which he probably got from all that eating that he (we) did during Father's Day. The next 36 hours had been very stressful for all of us, especially for Yue, who made frequent trips to the bathroom, had very little appetite, and threw up after a few spoonfuls of food. We were on the verge of bringing him to the hospital (it's like deja vu all over again), but thankfully, he got better after several doses of Loperamide and rehydrating him with water, sports drinks, and yogurt drinks.

Had I known early on about Erceflora ProbiBears, I would have packed them in my medical travel kit and brought them all the way to Korea. That way, I could have prevented Yue's nasty bout with stomach flu.
Erceflora Probi Bears.
Erceflora ProbiBears is a trans-free, gluten-free, kid-friendly food supplement that helps improve digestion. It comes in a vanilla-flavored, bear-shaped, chewable tablet, making it easy for even young kids to ingest.
Comes in a foil pack...
These cute, edible bears contain two strains of 'good bacteria' - Bifidobacterium lactis which helps boost your child's immune system and prevent gut problems, and Lactobacillus acidophilus which effectively improves your child's digestive health.
With four bears each.
Although the yogurt drinks that we know and love also contain good bacteria to aid in digestion, the amount of probiotics in them may not be not high enough to treat or prevent stomach problems such as diarrhea. And this is why the use of probiotics supplements such as the Erceflora ProbiBears is essential when the intestinal flora is out of balance. It can help regain that flora balance by fighting bad bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.
Nutritional value of Erceflora Probi Bears.
These chewable tablets are suitable for kids 3 years old and above. The recommended dose is one tablet a day, but the bears taste so good that your kids might ask for more, lol. Yue says they taste like Oreo cookies, but to me they taste more like the classic Nestle White Chocolate. (I had to try it for myself, of course!)
I deformed my bear, sorry! Apparently, they have to be stored in the freezer prior to consumption.
Erceflora ProbiBears are available at Mercury Drug and South Star Drug branches nationwide, and retail for Php 540 (around $10) per box of 20s - that's like Php 27 ($0.50) per bear. A bit pricey compared to a bottle of yogurt drink, but at least you're getting a chock-full of probiotics with just one dose.
Thank you, Erceflora and First Tier Brands!
Many thanks to our friends at Erceflora and First Tier Brands for sending these over! Yue's tummy has been responding positively since he started taking them. He has been pooping regularly, with no complaints of flatulence and constipation. He says he doesn't feel bloated either, even after a heavy meal - and believe me, this kid always eats a lot!
No more rumbly in the tumbly!
Popping one bear after breakfast is now part of his morning routine, and we'll make sure to bring these along whenever we travel. :)

10 replies:

Alaine said...

I have been seeing a lot of social media posts about this Erceflora ProbiBears. I will definitely keep this brand in mind for my son (he just turned 3mos old).

Mommy Levy said...

my son loves Erceflora too, actually pati ako. Ang hirap ngang icontrol ang once a day :)

Louisa said...

My son really liked ProbiBears. It wasn't at all a challenge to get him to eat it.

Jem Alvarado said...

The last timeI knew erceflora is when my son experience diarrhea due to bacteria. Good thing that it now have this chewable tablet to improve kid's digestion.

MrsWise said...

Probi bears is really effective. I have given this supplement to my "pamangkin". Healthy gut na, he loved the vanilla flavor pa :)

Juvy Ann Petilla said...

We haven't tried Probi Bears before, but I have read lots of moms swear by it. Whats nice about it is they look appetizing and cute ��. Perfect for choosy eaters.

berlin said...

My two boys are now taking Erceflora and I hope the ones we read are all true. What I dont like lang about it is that madali syang madurog and mahirap syang tangagalin sa lagayan nya. I guess i should put it inside the ref para tumigas.

Mommy Peach said...

My daughters love Erceflora ProbiBears and I let them take it because it really takes care of their tummies

jayreen yasona said...

It's a bit pricey pala.

Unknown said...

very good to my 3 yrs old daughter...dati nag poops sya evry 5 days kya super affraid ako so now medyo ok na po.thanks erceflora