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5 Reasons Why You Always Feel Sick.

Sometimes when you’re feeling sick, it means your body is fighting a virus or infection. At these times, you should of course consult with your medical doctor. However, there are instances when you may be surprised to find there is nothing wrong with you from a clinical standpoint!

A lingering feeing of sickness without any relevant medical causes could simply mean that you’re spreading yourself too thin – by making poor lifestyle choices coupled with having too much on your proverbial plate. Here are some typical issues that might be building to corrode your well-being. If you’re guilty of several of these sins, aim to make adjustments in your routine and your experience will quickly change.
Screencap from the 2015 KDrama Hyde, Jekyll, and Me.
Chronic Stress and Anxiety
We live in increasingly fast-paced societies that put us through all kinds of stress-inducing situations on a regular basis. Many of us are forced into a persistent state of anxiety that keeps us on our edge and as productive as possible. While chronic stress and anxiety are just a part of or modern lives, truth is our bodies and minds just aren’t meant to deal with it naturally! If you have been feeling off and you keep holding hands with stress and anxiety from dawn till dusk… there could be a connection, there.
Story of my life, lol.
Lack of Sleep
Sleep deprivation is another unfortunate but needed staple in the modern lifestyle. Do you often spend your day rushing around crazily trying to get things done and make ends meet? Then you will sooner or later find yourself in a position where the unrest sets in so chronically that you have trouble sleeping even when you have the time available. If you consistently fail to get your 7-8 hours of sleep and you feel tired all day long, it could be that lack of sleep is holding you back and making things even harder for you.
Wait 'til you see this guy transform.
Yang Se Jong in Thirty but Seventeen. :)
Poor Hygiene
There’s a clear correlation between your hygiene levels and your health, and it’s stronger than you imagine. While skipping a shower won’t instantly get you in danger, you must keep in mind that a poor hygiene will make your entire body a suitable breeding ground for all kind of bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. This means that carrying around excessive grime it will open the doors to all kinds of problems from a simple skin infection to all kinds of life-threatening diseases. And it’s not just about your personal hygiene... it's the entirety of your environment that can potentially pose a health risk! That’s why you may want to consider getting a local mold inspection, as well as taking measured to ensure your home remains as hygienic as possible.

Poor Diet and Dehydration
Many people who feel sick on a regular basis without any justifiable medical cause are simply just failing to get proper nutrition and hydration. You must think of food and water as the fuel your body uses to more around! By failing to get the needed amounts of fuel in the right proportions, you will be setting yourself up for health problems that may sometimes take years to manifest. Start paying more attention to these aspects, and you may find your health levels quickly improve.
But coffee is life!
Alcohol, Caffeine, Drugs, or Medications
There are many substances we consume casually which have immediate and negative healthy repercussions, which often go by unnoticed in favor of their attractive effects. This includes obvious recreational substances of abuse like alcohol and illicit drugs, as well as less obvious food related items such as coffee. Even the medications you have been prescribed by your doctor to improve some aspects of your health could be degrading other departments!

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