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Easy Ways to Reduce Your Belly Fat in a Week.

Maybe you ate too much over the weekend and now you can’t fit into your little black dress. Here are a few tips to help you reduce that belly fat just a little bit.
It's almost that time of the year again. 
1. Be Realistic
You aren’t going to lose fifty pounds in one week. That would be damaging to your health and would most likely involve major surgery. You need to create a plan, and then stick to it. A good goal is to lose one or two pounds in a week. Also realize that when you first begin to lose weight, it will be from every area of your body and not just your stomach, though that will be the most noticeable.

2. Stick to a Strict Calorie Intake
Those numbers on the nutrition facts of your food are important. Try a calorie calculator to find out how much you need to eat in a day in order to start losing weight. Then stick to that amount. There are many apps online that will help you keep track of what you’re eating. Most of them will even take into account how many calories you burn while exercising.

Exercise more and you get to eat more. The whole idea is to burn more calories than you consume. One pound of fat is roughly 3500 calories. So if you reduce your calorie intake by 500 for a week, you will have lost one pound. Keep this math in mind as you move forward on your weight loss journey.

3. Drink More Water, Eat Less Sodium
It isn’t the water that is causing you to be bloated, it’s the salt. You retain water when your sodium levels are too high. Avoid salty foods such as chips, crackers, processed meat, fast food, you know everything that you love but know is horrible for you. Replace those snacks with something healthy like an apple or celery. Peanut butter is a great replacement food and will help stifle your appetite while burning away fat.

4. Avoid Extreme Diets
If you’re trying a diet that has you only eat toast and one egg, run away. Sure, you will lose weight for the first few days, but as soon as you start eating again, you will gain more than what you started with. This is because your body goes into starvation mode. That means your body will store all the food it gets because it doesn’t think it will be fed again.

Instead of this, eat more vegetables and unprocessed foods. You can eat more portions with much fewer calories than a fast food meal.

We all want to look great for that first meet up. But that doesn’t mean you should starve yourself or become unhealthy. Gaining weight took time, losing it will too. Keep your head up high and your goals in sight. You will get there with strength and tenacity. Find friends to keep you motivated. Read testimonials online. Watch inspirational movies. You can do this!

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