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Bespoke Gift Ideas for Father's Day.

More often than not, finding a gift that's thoughtful and unique for the special man in your life can be notoriously challenging. The task is often Herculean that you'll almost always end up buying a necktie, a pair of boxer shorts, or a set of socks because these items are the only things that you can think of.

But contrary to popular belief, men aren't that hard to shop for - especially if you have a deep understanding of what his hobbies and interests are, and pay attention to the things that he like and dislike, for that matter. And with Father's Day fast-approaching, it's now time to rack my brains and come up with interesting surprises for the men in my family. Thankfully, I found a haven of gift options online and they now have me covered in time for Father's Day!

For my husband who works the night shift.
A personalized Frenche press, for men who run on coffee. This cafetiere features a heat resistant borosilicate glass beaker inside a chrome-plated steel frame with a black polycarbonate handle. The coffee pot can be hand-etched with your own words over five lines. Should I have this etched with "I love you forever", or that looks too cheesy to bring to his workplace? Haha!
Personalized cafetiere.
For my comic geek brother.
My brother, now in his early 30's and soon-to-be a father of two (my sister-in-law is currently pregnant with their second child), will forever be like Peter Pan. He's still addicted to video games, watches cartoons, and still into comic books - just like he was when we were kids. This Vintage Comic Clock makes a perfect gift for him, and for those men who will forever be kids-at-heart. The clock's face can be customized with your comic book/superhero of choice.
Vintage comic clock.
For my banker brother-in-law.
Nothing says dapper like a business bag handcrafted from the finest Italian leather. This Calvino business bag, which can be personalized with the recipient's initials, looks smart, simple, yet elegant - exactly the aura that my brother-in-law should exude whenever he's meeting clients or having a business luncheon with his boss.
Leather business bag.
For my father-in-law, and his wine collection.
I can't exactly say that my father-in-law is a wine connoisseur because he hardly drinks wine and other alcoholic beverages. But he does have a wide collection of wines and spirits at home, most of them are gifts from relatives and friends. This beautifully handcrafted wood rack is a stylish way to display his wines, and makes a nice accent to the kitchen in my parents-in-law's home.
Personalized wine rack.
For my grandfather who loved to cook.
And I say loved because it's been almost eighteen years since he passed away. But my grandfather, whom we fondly call 'Lolo Daddy', has never been forgotten, and we'd always remember him for his love for food, his cooking skills, and how much he loved us, his grandchildren. If he were still alive, I'd probably surprise him with this Magnetic Knife Block and have the words 'Best Lolo' ('lolo is the Filipino term for 'grandfather') etched on it.
Personalized Magnetic Knife Block.
So forget the socks, ties, and boxers, and get your dad or husband a gift that's meaningful, something that will pique his interest, and is right up his alley. I'm sure you're bound to find one at Gifts Less Ordinary. :)

5 replies:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the ideas! The men in my life are SO hard to shop for! I bet my husband would love both the French Press and the knife block. As for my father-in-law, I'm guessing he'd get a kick out of that French Press - he loves his coffee!

GiGi Eats said...

I do love that knife holder!!! Unfortunately, my dad is the hardest person to buy for - so...... I think I will just be GIVING HIM A CALL this Father's Day! haha!

Unknown said...

Awesome gift ideas! I love that vintage comic clock, it's a lovely gift for a geeky dad.

Unknown said...

Thinking of what to give on Father's Day? Hmm... it's not that hard if you know everything about him. Sure he'll appreciate anything.

Eliz Frank said...

Ohhh, I love that clock. I am going to find/buy one and give it as a holiday gift.