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Foodie Goodie | Yoogane Chicken Galbi.

Having traveled to Korea thrice, I've tried a variety of Korean food - from instant ramyeon to jjajangmyeon, soups, samgyeopsal, street food, and all sorts of seasoned fried chicken. Despite all these, nothing can change the way I feel for dak galbi. I loved it from the first time I tried it in Nami, and I love it even more after dining at Yoogane, one of the most popular and the best chicken galbi restaurants in South Korea.
We finally found Yoogane in Myeongdong!
Established in 1981, Yoogane began as a small restaurant in Busan. Despite fierce competition from other dak galbi restaurants, Yoogane was extremely well-received by the residents of Busan. Hence, the restaurant continued to enjoy success, and opened branches in other areas such as Seoul, Incheon, Ulsan, Daegu, Gangwon, and even Jeju Island. In Seoul alone, there are already 29 Yoogane branches with three of those situated in the shopping capital, Myeongdong.
Making his way to the third floor!
On Christmas Day, my family and I had the chance to visit and dine at the third branch in Myeongdong, located near the Labiotte store and right across Olive Young. The third branch occupies two floors of the Yu-hwa Building, and both floors are almost always jampacked especially during lunch and dinner time.
While waiting for our food to be cooked.
As I have mentioned before, dak galbi is a spicy stir-fried dish made with boneless chicken pieces, sweet potato, cabbage, tteok, and other vegetables. It's Yoogane's signature dish, with eight varieties available on their menu.
The menu! (Click to enlarge)
We ordered the Cheese Chicken Galbi (23000 won, good for sharing), which I had been craving for even when I was still in the Philippines. We also ordered two small bowls of rice (1500 won each) to go with it. We asked the waitstaff to make it less spicy so that Yue can enjoy the dish with us. But since we were unsure if he could handle the spice, we ordered another dish for him just to be on the safe side.
Add-ons, plus other main dishes.
We got him a serving of the Marinated Chicken Bulgogi Fried Rice (6000 won), which the waitstaff cooked first right before our eyes.
Steamed rice, seaweed, a small dollop of gochujang...
... stir-fried with small pieces of chicken meat and scallions.
Mix, mix, mix...
Ta-daaa! Marinated Chicken Bulgogi Fried Rice!
Once the chicken bulgogi was cooked, the waitstaff took out the pan from the grill and came out a few minutes later with a new pan containing the ingredients for our dak galbi.
Up next - dak galbi.
As we waited for our food to cook, the husband went over to the self-serve station to get side dishes. They're free of charge, and you can load up on unlimited amounts of cold soup, shredded cabbage, kimchi, and other fermented vegetables.
Self-serve station.
Shredded cabbage with mayo.
Back at our table, there's a lot of action happening on the frying pan. Like the other dish that we ordered, the dak galbi was cooked right in front of us, with the waitstaff coming over to our table every three minutes or so to stir-fry the ingredients until they were cooked.
Good food being cooked right before our very eyes.
Halfway through the cooking came the best part - the cheese! Generous amounts of mozzarella cheese poured on the side pockets of the pan, melted until they became soft and stringy.
The dak galbi cooks while the cheese melts.
Mouth-watering goodness.
We dug in as soon as the waitstaff turned the stove off, and the cheese-coated dak galbi was so delectable - creamy, flavorful, with just the right spicy kick.
Stringy cheese!
After a few bites, the husband dumped the rice on the pan, and stir-fried it until each grain was evenly coated with the dak galbi sauce. He even added a few strings of cheese for the extra ooomph. And since the food was so good, we didn't give a damn if we packed a few pounds after just one meal, haha! Heck, we didn't even care if our clothes reeked of dak galbi after we ate!

If you're visiting Korea, make it a point to enjoy a meal or two at Yoogane. With their numerous branches across the country, you'll be sure to find one in popular tourist areas such as Hongdae, Dongdaemun, Gangnam, and of course, Myeongdong. We're definitely coming back to Yoogane when we return in Spring, and now I'm starting to count the days until I get my chops on this spicy cheesy goodness once again!

Yoogane Myeongdong (Third Branch)
Yu-hwa Building 201, 
22, Myeongdong 8, Jung-gu, Seoul

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Divya @ EatTeachBlog said...

The chicken fried rice looks amazing! Now my stomach is grumbling. Hahah :)

Xon said...

Everything looks amazing! Either that or I just really like Korean food! I would love to try this without a doubt! Thanks for recommending it.

Unknown said...

omyy!! what a cheesee!!! this looks so tasty!! i wanna go there right now! lol

Unknown said...

these all look so appetizing. I'm loving the way they've plated their dishes.

Unknown said...

This is a must try for me! I think it's awesome that the food is being cooked in front of you plus it looks so good too!

kristy b said...

I’m a big foodie. I think that’s one of my favorite parts of traveling - trying new foods. These dishes look delicious -especially that cheese-coated dak galbi!

Josie said...

I'll need to find a similar place closer to home! This food looks amazing and I love trying new recipes :)

Lisa RIos said...

I love this! The fried rice looks delicious - it is my favorite! I hope I can go one day.

Lucile Coo said...

That looks so good. I love that they made it table side to make sure that it is fresh.

Unknown said...

I really love Korean food. We're planning to travel this year and Korea is in the top of our list. I hope we can try this one when we go there. Great post!

Geraline Batarra said...

at a fun and great experience you had. I would love to go here and try their food. Will be saving this! Next trip to Korea.

Megan said...

All that food looks amazing! We're finally getting more Korean restaurants here in Glasgow, Scotland. I can't wait to try one out, hopefully it's as good as your authentic experience!

Pujarini said...

Wow this looks like an amazing experience. It's fun to see food being cooked in front of you.

Unknown said...

That sounds like a great experience! The cuisine looks great!

Anchored In Elegance said...

What a spread! I just love Korean food. My husband and I make a point to try every Korean restaurant we can. I can't imagine how great this meal was. Yum

Tara said...

my husband was stationed in south korea twice, the food is definitely part of the experience!

Elizabeth O said...

It's such a great experience to see food cooked in front of your eyes. It looks like you had a really good time and enjoyed the restaurant.

Preet said...

I love Korean food, the chicken fried rice looks delicious. I would love to try this when I am around this place.

Preet said...

The chicken fried rice looks so delicious, the place looks good. I would love to check this place this out when I am around.

Gladys Parker said...

I would love to visit the Yoogane and have a meal. I would have to try a few to find which I liked. The main reason I want to visit is to see the waitstaff cook infront of me and to try the chicken dak galbi with melted cheese.

Jennifer Prince said...

I love unique foods, and there are SO many things I haven't ever heard of before. And how delicious!! :)

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

The place looks so much fun! I love fried chicken!