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Seoul Searching | Lotte World Folk Museum.

To cap off our adventure at Lotte World, we paid a visit to the Folk Museum located at the far end of the third floor.
Lotte World Folk Museum.
Established in 1989, this museum gives visitors a chance to experience folk village life through an eclectic array of exhibits, miniature displays, and real-life renditions of architecture. The museum showcases pretty much everything about Korean history - from the Stone Age era to the period of Three Kingdoms (Baekje, Goguryeo, Silla), from Goryeo to the Joseon dynasty, all the way to the Japanese colonial period.
A Tyrannosaurus Rex replica, half of its original size.
Hunting during the Paleolithic era.
Fishing and gathering food the Neolithic era.
The use of animation (yes, the displays move and they have sounds, too) and smaller scale models allow for better illustration of Korea's history. It also makes the museum more fun and enjoyable, especially for children.
Yue: This museum is not boring! I like it!
There are also 'play areas' that allow you to touch and feel traditional Korean musical instruments and even play traditional Korean games, too.
Yue playing Tuho, a traditional Korean game of throwing arrows
into the top of a narrow-necked wooden jar.
More of the Folk Museum, in pictures, after the jump!
If you're a fan of sageuk or Korean historical dramas, you will not fail to notice the evolution of Korean traditional clothing, particularly the ones worn by the monarchs, statesmen, and warriors.
The King and Queen's traditional clothing, Goguryeo kingdom.
The King's garb, Baekje kingdom.
The Queen's garb, Goryeo Dynasty.
There's even a scene from the Legend of Queen Seon Deok, the first sageuk that I binge-watched from start to finish. Queen Seon Deok, who ruled from 632 to 647 AD, was the first reigning queen in the history of Korea. 
A scene from the Legend of Queen Seon Deok.
Recreations of some of the national treasures from the period of the Three Kingdoms.
Also on display are life-size wax figures depicting traditional village life.
Weaving during the Goryeo period.
Publishing the Buddhist scriptures during the Goryeo period.
It was a massive project during that time, as the scriptures composed of 80,000 woodblocks.
Reading the Chunjamun (thousand character text) at a Sodang (village school) during the Joseon dynasty.
The sedan chair, a common mode of transportation during the ancient times.
Most of the miniatures can be found in the section of Joseon Dynasty, whose first ruler was King Taejo.
King Taejo and the Royal Seals.
Coronation Ceremony.
Daily life outside the palace.
Bowing to elders.
Marriage Procession.
The groom going to his bride's home.
The bride and groom paying respect to their elders.
Making kimchi.
Funeral procession.
More wax figures can be seen in the Japanese colonial period, depicting an economically progressive and modernized Korea.
Soldier in uniform.
Barber shop.
A grocery, with the shopkeeper smoking a cigarette.
Yue looking on.
As you leave the exhibition hall, you will pass by souvenir shops and Korean traditional restaurants that serve traditional Korean meals and savory finger foods. We didn't buy anything, but Yue - ever the curious one - picked up some free snacks along the way.
Free samples of Korean snacks.
Oh, and if you're lucky, you might even get to witness a traditional Korean wedding! The Folk Museum actually has a wedding hall that can be rented by couples who wish to get married the traditional Korean way.
Photo credit: Lotte World.
At the Wedding Hall.
Lotte World Folk Museum
240 Olympic-ro Songpa-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel. +82-2-1661-2000240

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Unknown said...

This is my kind of Tourist destination, museums, artifacts, historical locations, Seoul is slowly becoming a Bucket list Item for me :)

Sylvia Jules Kal

Lame Shrill Owl said...

A Folk Museum sounds like a fun place to explore. My son would love to see the dinosaur there.

Ron Leyba said...

Very nice and historical place to visit. Hopefully, we can spend some time at it too.

Xon said...

I love museums that shows you exactly what life was like during the different periods in which a country has gone through. Especially if it's of a country that has such a rich history, like Korea.

Unknown said...

I really love going to that kind of place, It's so fun and I love learning about the culture

Unknown said...

I've never been there, it is sounds like this museum has a historical stories.

Katrina Kroeplin said...

i love wax museums, they are so fun especially when they get them just right.

Erin S said...

What a great trip for boys. My son loves wandering museums