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No More Sick Days with Ceelin Plus!

And we're back to regular programming!

I've been away from my blog for too long, and boy, do I miss feeling the rush of adrenaline whenever I write, do a product review, or (try to) beat a deadline. My Mum came home (again) for a quick vacation (again), so I was pretty much out and about for the past two weeks. On top of that, my son had his First Quarterly Exams last week. And you know how I am (and I guess most moms are) during exam week - we study like crazy and review like there's no tomorrow. Haha!

My son was excitedly looking forward to the long weekend as we had plans to hit the beach with the rest of the family. But alas, our plans to bask in the sun and enjoy the sea were foiled thanks to Typhoon Ineng! It rained non-stop over the weekend, and we were pretty much stuck at home, much to my little man's chagrin. Well, it couldn't be helped as his health and safety is top priority, especially now that the weather is more erratic than ever.
My little man all dressed up! :)
As a mom, I would do anything and everything to protect my child. This includes giving him healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and milk. But since times are different now - with all that pollution, and the viruses that keep on evolving - these are not enough.

Times like these call for superior protection from Ceelin Plus. It has Vitamin C PLUS Zinc for Proteksyong Plus. And by that, I mean another layer of protection for my child. Vitamin C and Zinc found in Ceelin Plus can actually reduce severity and shorten bout of sickness. Imagine what it can do if it’s used every day – it can really protect the child from getting sick!
Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and son Lucho.
In addition, Ceelin Plus has an advantage over other Vitamin C and Zinc products. It has ZincPlus technology which ensures the correct levels of Vitamin C and Zinc; so, my child is assured of superior protection. It's the same kind of protection that Mommy Juday gives to her son Lucho!

And if it works for Lucho and Yue, then it'll work for your child, too! Ang batang naka-Ceelin Plus, may Proteksyong Plus! :)

11 replies:

Dhadha G. said...

I also trust my child with Ceelin. It's been her vitamins when she was a baby. Ceelin Drops then syrup then chewables na sya ngayon. Ang hirap talga kapag magkasakit ang mga anak natin kaya I'm glad with the help of Ceelin, may extra protection na sila. :)

Mitch said...

Batang Ceelin Plus ang mga bagets ko eversince! It works for them, too! I also make sure that we have a spare bottle in the household.

Sumi Go said...

Batang Ceelin din ako actually! :D Haha! It's been so long since the last time I had Ceelin though. >.<

Anyhow, grabe nga ang weather natin the past few weeks. :( I hope we get more sunshine soon, pero wag naman din sobrang init. Lagi nalang kasing extreme eh! XD

Erin S said...

I am needing to find a good probiotic for my son right now. I keep him on a multivitamin

I am Harriet said...

I swear by zinc when I feel something coming on. It really does work.

Esme Sy said...

Ceelin has been used in the family for two generations now. It's really effective in terms of protecting the kids from viruses.

Unknown said...

I've never heard of this product. It sounds like a great supplement, though!

Unknown said...

I'm glad the typhoon didn't cause extensive damage. I know it was headed to the US but I haven't really watched or seen news about it.

Vitamin c and zinc are great ways to strengthen the immune system. Hopefully, your son will stay well.

mail4rosey said...

I like that it can shorten a bout with sickness too. The less time down and out, the better!

Liz Mays said...

The Vitamin C and zinc boost in that sounds like it would really be helpful regularly! Since I have a cold right now, I especially appreciate that.

Katrina Kroeplin said...

that looks really great. i'll have to check these out. we all of course want the best for our kids and vits.