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Fashion Pulse | Easy Ways to Spruce up your Look.

Going to a cocktail party or attending a formal event can be a little confusing for many modern women. For some, a pair of slacks or a business suit would be more than enough for the occasion. The casual dresser, on the other had, would prefer a frilly top and a skirt or the usual jeans and shirt.

However, when you’re going somewhere a bit nicer, there are some big differences you need to think about. If you don’t, you could look really look out of place and feel incredibly uncomfortable throughout the whole event.

But don't fret. It is possible to quickly spruce up your look though. Here's a quick guide that can help you in choosing what to wear.
Yoon Eun Hye wears fur in the 2013 drama 'I Miss You'.
Think Fur
When you’re just about to step out the door and your look just doesn’t seem formal enough, what exactly are you to do?

One of the simplest and most elegant things you can do is to simply throw on a fur. No matter what your outfit is like, a fox fur coat or a faux fox coat can make you look like the most sophisticated woman in the room. Other furs can work well, but fox is a classic that’s also quite trendy right now.

Try Statement Jewelry
Like furs, jewelry can alter your look quickly. For elegant engagements, consider large pieces of statement jewelry like big necklaces. They don’t have to be covered in diamonds, but you do want them to make a visual statement and not be “everyday” looking pieces of jewelry. You want to stand out from the crowd!

5 replies:

Unknown said...

Those are some great ways to spruce up your wardrobe. I need to add more costume jewelry.

Michelle F.

Christy G said...

These are a great way to spice up your outfit and it doesn't cost a fortune. I need to add a few new things to my wardrobe.

Unknown said...

I'm a HUGE fan of adding jewelry to fits so I look spiffy :)

Erin S said...

I love jewelry too! Not a fur woman

Simple Mama At Home said...

Very interesting and nice ideas! I would have never thought of adding fur items into a wardrobe. I could see how that could spruce up a wardrobe.