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Spotlight | Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick.

"A girl can never have too many lipsticks."
This is what I always tell myself whenever the guilt of buying another lip product kicks in. Yes, I am one of those so-called 'lipstick bandits', and I guess there is no cure to this kind of addiction. All the more after receiving more than a dozen new lipsticks (nineteen, to be exact) over the weekend.

Thanks to our friends from Ever Bilena, I'll be busy for the rest of the week swatching, road testing, and playing with colors. I'll be featuring all the lipsticks that I received, starting with these two from the Extreme Lipstick line.
Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick.
The Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick is formulated with natural Vitamin E, which moisturizes the lips and makes the lips feel softer and look healthier.
Product description on the box.
I reckon there are fifteen shades in the Extreme Lipstick line, and the ones that I have are Pink Goddess and Hollywood Red.
Hollywood Red.
Hollywood Red.
Hollywood Red is the latest addition to the product line. It's a crimson red shade that does give off a glamorous vibe.
Pink Goddess.
Pink Goddess.
Pink Goddess, on the other hand, is one of the more popular shades in the Extreme Lipstick line. It's a frosted pink shade that's great for everyday wear.
Pink Goddess. One swipe on the left, two swipes on the right.
Hollywood Red. One swipe on the left, two swipes on the right.
Both shades have buildable colors, are quite pigmented, and have a nice, satin finish. They're easy to apply, and leave the lips with a soft, moisturized texture. 
Pink Goddess on my lips.
Hollywood Red on my lips.
These lippies are surprisingly good, I'm considering buying trying the other shades from the same line. Not now, but maybe after I've gone through all of the 19 lipsticks that I have just received. Haha!

What I love:
- Simple yet stylish packaging.
- Has a nice, fruity scent that's not overpowering.
- Moisturizes the lips.
- Easy to apply.
- Great color pay-off.
- Satin finish.
- Several shades to choose from.
- Widely available.
- Affordable price.

What you might not like:
- Wear time is a bit so-so. Pink Goddess lasted on my lips for about three hours,
while Hollywood Red a little over four hours. Both without eating or drinking. 

Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick sell for Php 165 each and are available at leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

11 replies:

Lame Shrill Owl said...

They both look fantastic on you! I really like the red color.

Unknown said...

I love these colors and the names of the colors. I love lipstick. It feels like even if I wear no other makeup I am looking better because of lipstick. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I've never used this brand before, looks interesting to try.

Kaycee Enerva said...

I received lipsticks from EB too and have tried these as well. While the color is pigmented, it seems to bleed when exposed to heat :( said...

I like the red one, it looks frosted though. My fave EB lippie is their matte ones.

Christy G said...

They both look great on you. I always have a hard time choosing shades of lipstick in the store.

Kath Rivera said...

Haven't tried this line from Ever Bilena but I like one from the matte collection. I think the red one compliments your skin tone.

MikiHope said...

I definitely like the Pink Goddess shade, especially for the summer. 19 lipsticks? That is a lot--have fun trying them all out!

Beauty by Tellie said...

They seem quite sheer for extreme lipsticks :(

Gen-zel said...

OMG! Lippies overload! My mom love the extreme lippie I sent here to AU. :D Can't wait for your mixing colors of these lippies for more vibrant shades!

Rebecca Swenor said...

This lipstick sounds amazing. I love the colors. Thanks for sharing.