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Sunday Shuttering | Go Green!

My 'Sunday Shuttering' post from last week gained a lot of favorable responses (I even got featured on Lauren's blog!) that I might actually do this on a weekly basis. You know - flowers, a good perspective, a snapshot. Perhaps even a linky party in the near future.

In the meantime, here are some gorgeous greens.

I'm in a pretty good mood today because the Boston Celtics now advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.  And in case you're living under the rock all these time, we all know green is the Celtics' color. So yeah, even if I'm not a huge fan of green, that color becomes my favorite once the NBA Playoffs begin.

Let's go Boston! Beat the Heat! :)

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12 replies:

Laura said... the perspective of these photos.

Sharyl said...

I love how light seem to come from the center of the plant and radiate out through the leaves! Can't imagine how that could happen, but that's how it looks to me! It's a delightful illusion!

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the post, definitly something which i discovered fascinating, enough to make me drop this comment.

Jenni said...

Interesting perspective and lovely light through those leaves not to mention such a gorgeous color.

WhyWeLoveGreen said...

What beautiful leaves! I love that they are seemingly translucent. Are they mint leaves? (Also, I root for the Celtics!)

ReviewsSheRote said...

What great texture in thses photos.
I like the idea of a Shutter Sunday Hop =)

Anonymous said...

These photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing this post.

Mrs. Settles said...

Beautiful greens!

LOL-I am not usually a NBA fan, but I secretely root for the Celtics too, though Hubs has become a die hard Thunder fan.


Claire said...

Love the angle. Are these edible greens?

Unknown said...

Quite beautifuL! It's amazing what you can do with a unique angle and a camera!

Karolen said...

Go Boston!!!
I love the way the photo draws me down into the plant like falling down a spiral chute. beautiful colors!

Unknown said...

The coloring and lighting are just beautiful. Nice shots! And thanks for the link-back! :)