Nailed | Sassy Colors in Neon Pink.

So it's been like, two months since my last nail polish post? Wow. That means I have not been stocking up on new nail polish for the past two months.

Realizing that over the weekend, I made a beeline to Watson's and tried to see if they have new colors in stock. And with my luck, I chanced upon this pretty shade of pink among the rows of Sassy Colors Nail Polish. It's the only bottle left, so I had to grab it right then and there.
Pink is the color of life today! :)
This shade is Neon Pink, and it costs Php19 only! Pretty affordable, I know. And its durability isn't bad either, which is why I've grown fond of this brand. (See related posts here and here.)
The color is sassy, alright. :)
I'm so loving my nails right now. Just looking at 'em makes me smile, haha. Me thinks this week is off to a good start! Good vibes, everyone! :)


  1. wow!! the color is lovely.. is it neon pink?? parang baby neon pink? what the fudge, may ganon ba? may iba kaseng matapang ung pagkaneon eh.

  2. That's an awesome nail color. Cheap too! I love it :)

  3. wow! nice shade! i am oinlove with neons!!! its been two i dont have nail polish hahah xx

  4. wow! nice shade! i am oinlove with neons!!! its been two i dont have nail polish hahah xx

  5. It's such a lovely (and juicy-ish) shade. Sassy indeed. :)

  6. love the shade! it's colorful and beautiful. I usually buy my nail coloring stuff at Watsons too :). This reminded me my nails needs some pampering already.

    Lady Soda

  7. It is such a refreshing shade of pink. I love pinks and purples, too!

  8. I've tried Sassy Polishes before and I love the quality :) Nice pink nails sis!

  9. i so love nail colors and yours is really fab too. pink is really dainty.


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