Crowdfunding the Battle Against Cancer.

I first came across the name cureLauncher last year, while going through the LiveStrong blog. You may not know it, but I've been a cancer advocate for quite some time now. And to be honest, it was actually Lance Armstrong's inspiring battle against cancer that made me one. I may not speak about it often, nor do I have a fortune to donate to cancer research, but I do support the cause in the many simple ways that I can.
Find. Fund. Cure.

Like this, for instance. Telling you about cureLauncher - how it brings together leading medical researchers and private donors to discover advance medical treatments that can eventually save lives. cureLauncher, with its modern platform and gear towards transparency, aims to address the biggest setback of lifesaving cancer treatments - testing recently-developed drugs, and making them accessible to those who need them.

As such, cureLauncher provides pertinent information on emerging treatments, access to the medical experts and researchers involved, and actual enrollment to over 500 breast cancer medical research trials. In addition, the program gives just about any Tom, Dick, or Harry a chance to be involved, to donate to cancer research by means of the 'crowdfunding' model. Finally, it allows people to interact with the researchers themselves.

With all these, cureLauncher hopes to work hand in hand with organizations, raise awareness, and streamline the way drugs are selected for development and treatment. Of course, its biggest hope (and mine, too) is to finally find the drug that can finally bust, eliminate, eradicate cancer for good.

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