Spazz Saturday #3 | Gangnam Style!

Welcome to week three of Spazz Saturday!
Apologies for last week's absence, and the week before that, too. The past two weekends had been crazy! Speaking of crazy...

Spazz Saturday
Unless you've been living under a rock, then I'm pretty sure you've seen or heard about 'Gangnam Style' - PSY's single that has taken the entire planet by storm.

'Gangnam Style' is a Korean colloquial term that refers to the luxurious lifestyle associated with the rich and famous residents of Gangnam district - the most upscale and affluent part of Seoul. Think of it as 'swag' or 'yolo' in English slang.

Released last July 15, the song was written and recorded as the title single of the sixth studio album PSY 6 (Six Rules), Part 1 and became the talk of the town among Kpop fans as soon as its video was released on YouTube. The video became viral, and went on to become an international sensation.

This overwhelming popularity paved the way for PSY's international stardom - this includes PSY's expansion in the United States, plus his U.S. debut appearance at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. PSY also gained the interest of many Hollywood top honchos, including Justin Bieber's manager, Scott Braun. To date,  PSY is now part of SchoolBoy Records, where he recently signed a contract with.

And just in case you haven't seen the video yet, here it is. See why the world has gone nuts over PSY's 'Oppa Gangnam Style'. :)

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Remember, this linky party is not limited to Kpop idols or Korean stars. I just happen to be very, very, fond of them. 

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  1. I don't live under a rock (I think) but I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and watch this video! I've heard about this from everyone lately.. some friends even have their own video! :)

  2. Ang galing ng song,kulit ng pagkagawa ng music video.

  3. The Gangnam style seem so cool and the music is fast beat, it can shake out your system.

  4. I am watching the feature on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho right now and as much as I have not lived under a rock lolz I am not really into KPOP and have not time to sit and watch the Gangnam style trending on twitter for days now since MTV Music Awards haha:P thanks for sharing! now I know!
    Thanks much!

  5. The IN thig today. I've seen video of a an old lady doing this dance steps. Sikat..

  6. HAHAHA it's really catchyyyyy! I actually love it and have been trying to do the horseback step :)))

  7. i have read about it but never heard one, they look really cool and i always love korean style.

  8. This is the talk of the, funny and very exciting too see others do this style.

  9. Hubby showed this to me via Youtube and it's funny and catchy. Thanks for explaining about Gangnam though I had no idea it had deeper connotations. XD

  10. If I havent seen this on Jessica Soho show, I would be clueless till now :))

  11. I'm just not into Kpop so I have no idea what/who this is... but the video is really cool and funny at the same time!
    Thanks for sharing :)))

  12. I saw this on TV. Not my favorite as I have no idea what he is saying.

    I'd have a better opinion if I knew the lyrics.

  13. Call me crazy.... I'm announcing big news at my blog :) Maybe I'll have to break out my Gangnam swag to celebrate. After all, yolo! :)

  14. I have never heard of this gangnam style,but it seems really cool!

  15. I saw this video over the weekend on you tube and heard about some professor explaining the meaning behind gunam star on tv.. seems really cool and inspirational for the Koreans.

  16. I can see why it's so catchy. This was great!

  17. I'm probably one of the last few people to listen to PSY's Gangnam-Style but I admit, it's very very catchy! It was stuck in my head for days after the first time I played it. Anyway, I super prefer PSY's version than the one featuring Hyuna and her annoying voice though.. XD

    PS: I like Hyuna generally, just not in Gangnam Style :))

  18. I LOVE GANGNAM STYLEEE!! When I heard it buong araw ko sya sinasayaw and kinakanta hahahaahha :) super catchy lang :)
    The Bargain Doll


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