What's up, Rebel Sweetheart?

I slept earlier than the usual last night, tucking in at around 11pm. (Yes, that's early compared to my usual 3am bedtime.) Thanks to my migraine, I wasn't able to write a blog entry and I didn't get to finish watching episode 2 of Baby-faced Beauty either.

This morning, I woke up to an inbox teeming with Blogger notifications, Pinterest followers, and blog comments. And no, I'm not complaining. Because one of these notifications was a message from Maiylah; she informed me that I'm the next Featured in Food Friday blogger! Which means my Bangus Sisig entry will be highlighted this coming Friday (February 10) on the Food Friday blog and Facebook page. Now that's another laurel on my 'Awards and Feature's sidebar, hehe. Thanks Maiylah!

Also, as I was doing the rounds on the blogs that I follow, I chanced upon Algene's latest entry and got the idea of checking my Page Rank. Since my blog is pretty new, I wasn't expecting any change from my current PR0 standing. But holy schmoly! Was I surprised to see that my numbers have gone up! The Rebel Sweetheart is now PR2!!! (You can check yours here.)

PR as of 07 February 2012.
How cool is that for a two-month-old blog?!

Of course, I couldn't have done this without all of you - my dear readers, the wonderful women of voiceBoks and all the communities where I belong, the great hosts of the memes I've joined, Lee Jun Ki who has boosted my appearance on search engines (try googling 'Lee Jun Ki' and you'll understand why), my two boys and the flowers in our garden (lol), and even my blog lurkers and stalkers! 

And before this entry becomes an acceptance speech for the next Metro Manila Film Fest (take it, take it!), I'll end this with my heartfelt gratitude, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone!


  1. Congrats on getting a PR2! That's reason to celebrate :) It's because you're doing a good job blogging, that's why :)

  2. Thanks thanks Pepper!
    Fellow bloggers like you inspire me to write more and write better. :)

  3. Congrats on PR2. Good writing deserves good rewards. And the fact that you said holy schmoly in your blog totally impresses me.

  4. Blog hops are truly helpful :) Anyway. can I get your first name? I don't want to call you Rebel. Hehehe. Thanks po!

  5. Congratulations!! As Pepper said, it's time to celebrate :) Libre mo kami?

  6. Thanks Pam!
    It means a lot coming from you. :)

  7. Hi Algene! I'm Czjai. :)
    I'm impressed with you nga kasi you have six blogs. I have two and I can't even pay attention that other blog, lol. :D

  8. Anne, tatlo na kayong humirit sa kin nyan. Hahaha!

    Sana tumama ako sa lotto para partey partey tayo, lol!

  9. Congrats Czjai! Getting PR2 in just 2 months is really impressive. I guess I need to do more blog hopping too...hehe!

  10. Well, I'm sorry about the migrain but happy you had good news in your email pile. Congrats, voiceboks really is a wonder, isn't it?


  11. Congrats! I am also dancing with joy hehehe. Kasi, I checked mine, nasa PR1 na pala ko weeee! And just like you, new blog lang din :-) Pero since higher rating mo, sa yo rin ako papalibre hahaha!

  12. Thanks and Congrats!...checked my PR and Woo Ho! lol thanks for bringing up this post. I link this post up!

  13. Congratulations on your upcoming feature and your page rank. Great job! I'm still trying to understand Page Rank. My original blog site that gets tons of traffic each day and has been around for a year this month is a 1/10, but my brand new website for my book that has only been live for a month and gets far less traffic is a 2/10. I'm scratching my head on this. Is it like golf, the lower the number the better? Weird.


  14. Thanks everyone!
    I don't know the criteria as to how pages are ranked, but I do know it's a bit difficult to level up from PRzero. Hehe. :)

  15. congratulations!!! daming blessings! <3
    ...doing the post for Food Friday now and browsing through... :)


A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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