VDay 2012 | Fly Me to Seoul?

The little man and I were supposed to go on an early Valentines date today, but the weather totally spoiled our plan. It's been raining nonstop since yesterday, and the rainfall is showing no sign of giving up. Good luck to all the lovebirds tomorrow, lol.

Within the next 24 hours, business will be booming for flower shops, cake shops, and courier services. Hotels will be fully booked, and restaurants will be buzzing with dating/married/soon-to-be couples.

I won't be part of the Valentine crowd tomorrow, though. Come to think of it, if my husband was here, we wouldn't be joining the bandwagon, either. My husband doesn't like crowded restaurants, and just the thought of having to wait for seats ticks him off.

For the past nine years (wow, we've really been together this long?!), Valentines for us would be dinner at home (pizza delivery or Chinese takeout) plus chocolate cake from Mer-nel's (home of the best chocolate cake ever!) for dessert. Then perhaps a DVD movie, an NBA game, or a UFC match on the telly after.

Vday 2007, with my favorite chocolate cake. And LOL at my bangs. :)
My husband isn't the kind who gives roses or writes love letters. Roses wither, so he buys practical gifts instead. Last year, for instance, he gave me a 13-piece cookware set as a present. The domesticated wife that I am, was more than thrilled to receive his gift. (Happiness with Teflon pans = signs of growing old, lol.)
And instead of wasting paper on a love letter, he'd rather send me a text message or profess his undying love via email. How's that for being a techie and an environmentalist in one? Haha!

Needless to say, I love my husband like crazy, and I still have a huge crush on him, lol. And yes, I miss him to bits. If only flying to Seoul (you land at Incheon airport, of course) was as easy as getting on a plane to Jeju, I'd be there before you could even say Skin 79 Hot Pink Super Plus Triple Function Beblesh Balm.

If you're reading this Daddy, I know you're smiling in giddiness, bwahahaha! I love you!
Sarangheyo! Nomu nomu nomu bogoshippu!
(That's 'I love you' and 'I miss you very very very much in Korean. No, my husband is not Korean. Haha!)

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  1. You two are so cute! hehehe... That's sweet of him. I am like you in some sort because I ask my husband to get me anything that I can use for the kitchen. His been getting me things like breadmaker, steamer, etc. Anything that not just me can benifit, but all of us. :) Sweet! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

    Adin B

  2. Ditto on Mernel's Chocolate Cake. The.Best.Ever. Now if only I can get the recipe, coz I don't think I can really buy and ship it out :P

  3. awww! what a sweet couple you both are Sis :-) Mr. Pogi looks like his Daddy :-) Happy Valentines Day to you Sis and hope that one day you can spend Valentines Day with your hubby.
    Visiting from #44 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  4. good thinking husband. :) practical gifts for valentines are very nice!

  5. I'm a new follower from the blog hop. I'd love it if you would follow me back!

  6. Oh.. that's so sweet of your husband.. visiting here for Project 44|365 here Hope you can visit back

  7. Oh so cute and sweet. From 366 challenge...

  8. pamatay ang bangs sis! :D sabi sayo tara na sa Korea! :D

  9. Sweet... late visit project 44/365 BPC.

  10. That's a super cute picture of you two! And the tiny cake makes it even cuter! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! Same here, we don't give flowers or go to fancy dinners. Love letters pen-and-paper way is gone now, too, with the advent of emails as well! But the love is always strong and mighty even without the presents. :D Long distance is tough, but the kind you have will always last! :)

    Visiting for BPC!

  11. aw so sweet. u two look good together. i like gifts much better than flowers. but flowers makes us feel beautiful.

    passing thru.. from #44 of BPC

  12. super sweet naman sis... i love your bangs.. lately sad nag pa bangs ko for the 1st time ever.

    Visiting from BPC44.

  13. sweet!Kinilig ako sa inyong dalawa^_^

    Happy Wednesday Whites!

  14. Wow...after 9 are still in loved head over heels with your husband. That's great.

    I wish you a lifetime of togetherness.

    Visiting from WW.

  15. I wouldn't mind receiving a 13-piece cookware set as Valentine's present :).....i just hope mabasa ito ni hubby, waaaah! So sweet of your Daddy. Judging him from his actions eh he just proved na he's a responsible family man ;)

  16. Thank you so much everyone!
    Hope you all had a love-filled Vday, too. :)

  17. hello love birds! im back again and this time from WW. here are my share

    Snow Day and Hello Kitty iPhone Case

  18. What a sweet Valentine message for your husband! Now that I'm seeing a picture of him here, I agree with you when you said in one of your previous posts that your son looks exactly like your husband. Here's my MM entry:

  19. what a cute couple, maganda na ang practical ngayon, at tama lang din na maging practical si mister, visiting for Mommy moments, mine is at

    see you!!!

  20. so sweet nmn. I agree, practical gifts is better lalo na if it's very useful. was here for mommy momment, see you at House of P

  21. that's a lovely photo of you together, sweet indeed! :) visiting from WW, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)

  22. What is your husband's work in Korea? You know, I really want to learn Korean. is it easy to earn? :)

  23. Is that Mernels cake? :) i miss!


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