Getting Ready for Lee Jun Ki!

With his comeback just a few days away, Lee Jun Ki gave his fans something more to look forward to on that much-awaited day.

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Chocolates! All 1,500 pieces repacked and wrapped by Jun Ki himself!

Fans worldwide must have been swooning and spazzing upon watching this video, originally posted on his official webpage and YT channel. I should know because that was my initial reaction when I saw this, lol.

Heads up, fangirls! The agonizing wait will soon be over.
Joongi-a, najung-e bwa! (See you soon, Jun Ki!)


  1. ay grabe! ang tyaga. hehe. punta tayo Korea! sama natin sina sis des and marge. hehe :D manghunting tayo ng Korean stars, parang ambabait nila noh ? :) anyway, PM me your number sa Facebook for the TLJcake para matext kita on the spot. lol :D *comment na ko dito, baka makalimutan ko magFB mamaya :)*

  2. I have no idea who he is or what he's saying, but he is a cutie! :-)

  3. I'm so glad Petula agrees with me! Hehe.

    And yes Gie, ang tyaga ng lolo mo. LOL!


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