Awesome Ways to Style Your Quote T-shirts this Summer.

We get it. It’s always scorching hot outside this season. It’s extra challenging not to look haggard. For you, what matters more is how you feel inside rather than how people would look at you on the outside. It’s more important that you feel comfy and confident with the clothes you wear rather than look extra edgy, fancy, or stunning but it feels like your body is going to explode with the summer’s higher than high temperatures!

No worries if you see your tees as the last resort. They’re the comfiest thing on earth after all. The problem though is when you’re getting tired of the t-shirt-denim combo. Well, we’ve come up with awesome different style equations for your basic quote t-shirt seven days a week.
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Monday: Boyfriend jeans + Quote Tee + Pointed Pumps + Fringe Bag
Okay, we know you can’t let go of jeans. So, just in case you’re having Monday blues and you’re feeling some weekend lag because you might have left your heart somewhere, perhaps the beach, (or maybe in your beach bag) grab a quote t-shirt and pair it with your favorite boyfriend jeans.

You might want to click here to find nice shirts with quotes you can use as a Monday motivation for an extra boost of inspiration. To balance the look, opt for a pair of pointed pumps. Stash your work essentials and knick-knacks in your fringe bag to finish off the look.

Tuesday: Blush pink jumpsuit + White Tee + Heels
Perhaps, the workload from yesterday has set your mood for productivity. Great! Time to sport a nice corporate outfit. But how can you do it without feeling heavy and coming across as too intimidating for this season when everyone’s off for vacay?

Get a white tee with motivational statement for a casual basic. Then, get a pair of blush pink jumpsuit to layer it. You’d still look fresh even with layers of clothes on. Besides, a blazer won’t be bad for a full-blast aircon in your office, right? Wear your heels and enter the boardroom with confidence for your next project pitch.

Not a fan of pink? Okay, pick some other pastel colors of your choice instead.
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Wednesday: Culottes + T-shirt + Statement heels
Before you say “no” to culottes because you’re petite and you’d appear shorter with it, check out our suggestion first. You can actually rock your culottes and t-shirt with a pair of statement heels—oh, look at that faux fur pom poms high heels, they make excellent contrast for your business casual outfit. Besides, wearing heels with your culottes actually makes your legs appear longer. Check out this article, too.

Thursday: Plaid skirt + Shirt + Chunky Heels
Well, this style equation is no-brainer. T-shirts and plaid skirts always look good together in the same way that you and your boyfriend are a perfect match for each other. Finish off the look with a pair of open-toe ankle strap chunky heels.

Friday: Spaghetti strap dress + Tee + White sneakers
What better way is there to remind yourself that the work week would soon be over than to dress up as if you’re super ready for a laid-back weekend stroll? Spaghetti strap dress worn as a pinafore for your tee plus a pair of white sneakers would fit that label. It’s a fun, youthful look as always. Why not choose a yellow dress to look extra vibrant and summery?

Saturday: Maxi skirt + Tee + Slip-on sandals + Rattan bag
“I can’t believe the workweek is over”, you say. Still can’t get enough with your quote t-shirts? Match it with a maxi skirt for a super chic, cool, and airy look. Top it off with a pair of slip-on sandals and rattan bag for a perfect beach outfit. And oh, don’t forget to accessorize with your tassel earrings or gold round earrings. Tie your hair up in a bun or style it with a braid. This related article also talks about what you can wear on your next beach getaway:

Sunday: Lace pencil skirt + T-shirt + Ankle strap heels + clutch bag
Who says you can’t glam up with a t-shirt? That has to change from now on. Pair it with a white lace pencil skirt plus ankle strap heels and a dainty clutch bag for a Sunday date night with your boyfie or hubby. Don’t forget to style your hair in perfect beach waves.

Which one among the style equations is your favorite? We’d love to see how you nail it!


  1. This looks amazing! Great idea to style quote t-shirts on everyday.

  2. I never wear quote t-shirts or anything like that. Not really sure why? I guess maybe Target ruined it for me because their t-shirts are kind of silly, haha!

  3. I love this! and the puppies! haha they always make us look good don't they!

  4. Super love the idea of styling a tee for every day, super creative and not that expensive to do. Love the idea.

  5. Graphic Ts are the center of my wardrobe today. You put together some smart combinations.

  6. a simple plain t-shirt is a powerful styling tool. very nice tips dear!

  7. I am in love with your idea of styling it for everyday. And I love cute tees, they make you feel vibrant and young.

  8. First, your doggies are adorable! Second, awesome ideas! I need to play around with this!

  9. I love this tee! And in my favorite FONT too!! Great tips for styling - thanks!

  10. I love quotes t-shirt for the very reason that I can wear them at work with my trousers and office skirts as well. Thanks for sharing your styling tips.

  11. As long as the quotes is clean it can be worn with almost anything.

  12. Exactly, a plain white/black tshirt can be styled the way we want.

  13. I love wearing graphic or statement T-shirts most especially if the messages are good, inspiring and motivating.

  14. wow this is actually realy nice, I might do this, this summer for a change

  15. wow, this is a great idea, I wanna try this, it looks so cute and comfy

  16. I love quote shirts and these suggestions are great, I wish there were more photos to visually see the suggestions

  17. I really, really like quote t-shirts -- on everyone else but me. I am just a bigger girl and I guess I don't want to draw attention to myself. Stupid right? :-( That was a confession I guess.

  18. I never wear quote t-shirts as they are terrible here in Japan. But, good way to think otuside of the box with normal clothing.

  19. These are all so many good tips to style your quotes shirts. I will have to remember these tips for this summer.

  20. I need more quote t-shirts in my life!! Shopping now!


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