Althea x Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is EXID Jeonghwa's 'Sohwakhaeng'.

Not too long ago, the concept of 'sohwakhaeng' became a trending topic in Korea, particularly in social media. 'Sohwakhaeng' is a Hangeul phrase that means 'small but certain happiness', and for some Koreans this could be an extra shot of espresso in their morning coffee, a bottle of soju after a long day at the office, or discovering a new skincare product that really works.
What's your sohwakhaeng?
I can totally relate with the latter, and even Kpop-idol Jeonghwa of EXID and Korean beauty influencer Minsco feel the same way. In episode 29 of Get It Beauty 2018, Jeonghwa and Minsco asked viewers about their sohwakhaeng, and one of the answers that stood out was 'getting a mask pack everyday'.
A mask pack everyday is a skincare junkie's sohwakhaeng. 
Even Jeonghwa agrees. :)
Jeonghwa agrees that a mask pack can make a huge difference to the skin, and Minsco whips out 'some amazing products' for them to try. Turns out, these 'amazing products' are skincare items that I have tried and actually use!
K-beauty influencer Minsco.
They're the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, a 2-in-1 cleanser pack that deep cleanses the skin while boosting it with an array of nutrients. This skincare set is a collaborative product between K-beauty shopping website Althea and K-beauty talk show Get It Beauty, and the first (two) product/s that I have tried as an Althea Angel.
Althea x Get it Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer.
I've raved about these products in this blog post the same way Jeonghwa raved about them in the video. I find it really cool that a popular idol like her uses the same product that I do, and that she finds joy in something as simple as a mask pack.
Jeonghwa loves them, too! :)
Here's Jeonghwa and Minsco's segment on Get It Beauty for your enjoyment:

Wanna give Jeonghwa's sohwakhaeng a try? Then head over to the Althea website and purchase the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Set. They're currently sold at a discounted price of Php 990 and for a limited time, ships for free!

How about you, what's your sohwakhaeng?


  1. I am loving the Korean beauty products! I'm definitely going to try this!

  2. My skin sure needs a detox right now! This looks like a great option for that!

  3. Honestly, this is my first time to hear about this product and it such a perfect timing for me to read about this article because I am now looking for a skin care products that will suits to my skin needs. I'll go ahead to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My sohwakhaeng is definitely buying/burning candles they bring me so much peace. Skin care however is also very important and I love face masks

  5. My skin could use a detox! I haven't heard of these products but I definitely need to look this up!

  6. Love this, in the US we call this 'treat yo' self'! I love using face masks or a nice foot soak to relax and pamper myself.

  7. Sohwakhaeng is a new word and concept for me. I love it! I treat myself to a piece of dark chocolate almost every night before bed.

  8. Would love to try this product! I guess you would never go wrong with Korean skin care products..


  9. This is veyr interesting. I would love to include this in my skin care essentials

  10. I'm obsessed with Korean beauty products!! This is so up my alley. The facemasks I've been using have done wonders!

  11. I want to try this. I need a skin detoxer. I'm always searching for new products. Thanks for sharing

  12. Sohwakhaeng' - love the concept and the meaning 'small but certain happiness!'We each will have our own for sure!

  13. Korean skin care products are always amazing - make for the softest skin! I will have to try the skin detoxifer!

  14. Sounds like some great products. Can't wait to try them ourselves.

  15. Korean beauty products are so big right now! I would to try this out

  16. Angela Ricardo BetheaFri Jan 11, 07:20:00 AM GMT+8

    I am in to Korean skin care products. because it is good for our skin, no harmful chemical that harm our skin.

  17. I always wanted to try Korean products. It seems like it was really effective and I can see it through my friends who are using it.


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