Seoul Searching | Laneige Flagship Store at Ewha Fashion Street.

Laneige opened their newest - and perhaps their prettiest - flagship store in Seoul a few months back, and Yue and I had the chance to visit it while we were in Korea. Located along the Ewha Womans University Fashion Street, one of the most popular shopping areas in Seoul, the new store is a massive three-storey building which boasts of modern architecture, trendy aesthetics, and an enhanced consumer experience.
Facade of the new Laneige flagship store.
The store from a different angle.
Designed with pink and blue hues, the first floor showcases the brand's various lines of makeup and skincare products, allowing customers to try and test them freely before making any purchase.
Inside the Laneige flagship store.
If you don't like the idea of using testers, you can try the Laneige Beauty Mirror, a fun and interactive app that virtually applies makeup on your face. With the Beauty Mirror, you can see how different Laneige products look on you and allows you to download the list of items that you used in the app.
Trying on the new Laneige Stained Glasstick. I'm wearing Shade #7 Pink Tourmaline.
There's also a special section of this store dedicated to the brand's line of sleeping masks. From the cult-favorite Water Sleeping Mask to the relatively new Water Bank Quick Hydro Pen, you'll find them all on display in this dreamy, psychedelic little corner.
The 'Beauty Sleep' corner featuring my favorite Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Mask.
If chemistry is your thing, you're in for a treat as this store lets you create and personalize your own Lip Sleeping Mask. It was a fun experience, and my inner nerd was thrilled to see hotplates and beakers and all that chemistry-related stuff. It's like junior high all over again!
Yue trying to read the captions before we start.
They're written in Hangul, but the staff explained to us what to do. 
Yue enjoyed this 'experiment' (as he calls it) a lot more than I did, even if he was just looking on and was not allowed to touch anything.
Step 1. Choose your scent.
Step 2 involves mixing the base and the scent and heating them up in this plate.
The base and the scent, plus all the tools you need to make your own lip sleeping mask.
Packing the finished product in the signature frosted jar. :)
The final step is designing the jar with a label/sticker of your choice.
The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, customized to your liking.
We also got a glimpse of the 'Study Room' at the third floor. It's a fun, experiential space where you can get hang out with your friends, perhaps enjoy some alone time with a cup of coffee and a good book, or get a one-on-one consultation with Laneige's beauty experts. This area also serves as a venue for Laneige's special events such as product launches, makeup tutorials, and beauty classes.
The 'Beauty Playground'.
We could have stayed longer and enjoyed some afternoon tea with other VIP members, but we were a little pressed for time since we were trying to catch BTS on their way to their fan meeting at Digital Media City. Next time, I'll try to sign-up for their K-beauty class, similar to the one they offer at the road shop and flagship store in Myeongdong.

To get to the Laneige Ewha Flagship Store, take exit 2 or 3 of the Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2). The store is just a few meters away from the exit.


  1. Very stunning photos. Laneige is one of the well-known skin care product in the world that uses by most of celebrity.

  2. I had never heard of that store before. Do they only sell skin-care type products? And so jealous...I want to visit Seoul.

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  5. It looks like you had a great time. I’ve never heard of Laneige. I’ll have to check them out!

  6. What a cool store! I wish I’d lived closer so I could pick up some of their products and take a class or two!

  7. As far as I can see Laneige has an excellent store in Seoul. A real place where you can also relax, not only try and buy their products!

  8. Wow! This is an impressive looking store. :O There is so much to do!

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  13. I have never heard of this brand but what a super fun experience. I love that you can personalise the label!

  14. I'm sure matutuwa sister ko dito. She's a fan of the brand :)

  15. Wow ang their flagship store is ENORMOUS!!! Will visit when we go to Korea :)

  16. Wow, such a great looking store. I love how interactive everything is. I could spend hours there!

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  21. I always find Laneige as an effective brand. I've read so many nice words and positive review on their products.


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