5 Great Jewels For Engagement Rings.

Ready to pop the question? Not sure which ring is the right one for your special lady? Here are five gems that make unforgettable engagement rings.

1. Sapphires
Popularized by Princess Diana and other royal brides, sapphires create breathtaking pieces of jewelry, especially if they're cut with white gold or glittering diamonds. Your intended won't be able to turn down a sapphire ring.
Princess Diana's famous sapphire ring.
2. Rubies
Long considered the jewel of love and passion, rubies are a popular centerpiece for engagement rings. Their history makes them a fitting choice; their blood-red beauty makes them a gorgeous one.

3. Diamonds
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamonds are forever. You've heard all the cliches, but their legendary status is valid: No woman will ever say no to a diamond engagement ring.

4. Emeralds
Emeralds have become a hot item in recent years, but their prevalence can actually be traced all the way back to Edward VIII, who addicted his throne to marry the woman he loved. He gave the lucky lady an emerald ring with a personalized inscription. Swoon!
Photo credit: Faycullen
5. Moissanite
Moissanite is a more affordable alternative to diamonds, so if you're trying to shop discount engagement rings, this is the rock for you. Strong and pure, it offers all the shine of a thousand-dollar piece but for a fraction of the cost.

While there are countless gems in the world, these are a few of the most popular for engagement rings. Remember, at the end of the day, it isn't about the size of the stone. It's about the love in your heart.


  1. I believe Karylle has a sapphire ring. :) In my case, staying to the classics--diamond hehe :) Love this entry!

  2. I like ideas for something other than the traditional diamond.

  3. Those are beautiful rings and I think any girl would be lucky to have one.

  4. I love sapphires. If that would be something for me...I would pick them i na minute :)

  5. My mom's birthstone is sapphire and I really like how it looks so elegant. For me I think I will still go for Diamond, which is also my birthstone :)

  6. I'm still holding out hopes for an emerald necklace someday...

  7. Nice post! I would love to have a sapphire someday... :) I also have a diamond engagement ring, and yes, I can't say no to that!

  8. I'm a ruby girl myself but I love the boldness of the sapphire.

  9. I'm a ruby girl myself but I love the boldness of the sapphire.

  10. I want diamonds but Rubies will do. I also like Sapphire but I think all of this will be purchase in dreamland. lol

  11. I wanted a diamond engagement ring, and that's what hubby gave me! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres


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