Five Theories for the Perfect Sleep.

The perfect sleep can seem like something we constantly chase and never truly find. Sleeping too much, or not enough, takes its toll on us both physically and emotionally. There are, however, a few ways that you can maximize the restfulness of your sleep.

Stick to a Routine
In order to sleep well every night, it’s important to stick to a routine. Go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up at the same time every morning – even on weekends. By having a sleep cycle that is all over the place, our bodies never quite adjust. But by ensuring that you have the same amount of sleep each night, and wake up and go to sleep at the same times, out bodies become used to the routine. Because of this, we are able to shut down more easily and sleep comfortably.

Turn off Your Mobile
It’s been found that the radiation from our mobile phones can interfere with us achieving REM state sleep. So, if you’re using your mobile phone as an alarm clock, it’s best to stop doing that now. Buy an alarm clock, and turn off any devices you have lying around, or just leave them in a separate room. By doing this, our bodies are free to fall into a deep sleep without any disturbance from outside forces.

Sleeping like a boss. :)
Find the Right Mattress
Just like finding a routine, the right mattress makes a large difference on the restfulness of our sleep. Try out some different kinds, and consider any ailments such as allergies or injuries you have that may be affecting your sleep. If you can find the right mattress to cater for your needs, you are sure to have a more comfortable sleep.

Get Rid of the Noise
Any noises you hear in the night won’t just wake you up, but will affect the quality of your sleep for the rest of the night. To ensure a deep, restful sleep, block out as much noise as you can. Close all of the doors in the house if you can hear the fridge humming or the cars outside. You may even want to try out earplugs or earmuffs if you live in a busy, metropolitan area.

Lower the Lights
Our bodies are naturally attuned to sleeping better when the light is low. Try not to leave any lights on during the night, and make sure that your room is as dark as possible. Turn off any gadgets that emit a light, and pull down the blinds if the moon is shining in. The darker the room, the easier you will fall asleep and stay that way.
Sleep can be one of the most important factors in our health and well-being. Make sure that you are sleeping the recommended amount, and that you are using the right mattress for you. Follow these tips to achieve the best sleep possible. Be sure to visit Latex Mattress Australia for more information on choosing the right mattress for a good night’s sleep.


  1. no light is a big thing for me---the noise I'm on who likes to hear the hum of the fridge or even the TV if Hubby is still watching and I'm tired--when it dead silent then the littlest sound wakes me suddenly.

  2. I haven't slept well in days… I wonder how to eliminate the snoring beside me in the bed??? I love him and all, but the zzzzz's are keeping me from getting mine!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the tips. Now ko lang nalaman yung #2. I use my celfone pa naman as alarm. Will ditched my celfone/alarm thing, and use the real alarm clock instead :)

  4. I didn't know about the cell phone. It is always next to my bed. I think I will move it tonight and see if that helps! Thanks ;)

  5. I always turn off my phone but my husband leaves his on then when he wakes up in the night he starts looking at it. Drives me crazy!

  6. My iPhone keeps me up too. I can't seem to keep my hands off it. This is great advice, really all you need for a great nights sleep.

  7. I guess it deends sa nakasanayan my daughter can't sleep without music eh so c on ith music on

  8. Awww, I always use my phone as an alarm clock. Tapos d pa agad ako makatulog dahil nag iiphone pa, can't help it. Hehe. :))

    <3 Dhadha |

  9. It usually helps for me too to drink milk beforehand. HAHA so nene, pero it really works for me. It also helps for me when I have soft music playing in the background. Nonetheless, thanks for the tips :D

  10. Thanks for sharing sis. It's definitely time that I discipline my daughter to stick to a bed time routine, lalo na yan she'll be going to school na by next year.

  11. i always set my mind to sleep at 12 mn, but i always end up extending hours of watching or net surfing. just like what is happening now. waaaaaah!

  12. No wonder I have a hard time sleeping at night. I use my cell phone as alarm clock, and I'd wake up every so often to see if it's almost time to wake up. -- Tetcha Figuerres

  13. I always sleep next to my cell phone and it doesn't seem to affect me very much.


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