Foodie Goodie | Kalbi Taco.

It's Korean meets Mexican in this week's edition of Foodie Goodie!

I've been craving for Kalbi (Korean barbecued beef short ribs) the entire week - ever since the husband mentioned that he had Kalbi last Sunday. So I went to the supermarket today, bought a pack of Kalbi along with a box of taco shells and decided to make some Kalbi Taco for dinner. It's a dish I learned from watching too much Arirang TV, haha! :)

Kalbi Taco

250 grams Kalbi, cut into small pieces
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon garlic, minced
a pinch of sesame salt
black pepper/paprika powder to taste

1 can of sliced mushrooms
1 onion, finely chopped
1 tomato, diced
1 cup shredded lettuce
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated
1/2 cup mayonnaise
6 taco shells

1. Prepare the Kalbi mixture by combining the first six ingredients in a bowl. Let stand for at least an hour.
2. Heat a frying pan on medium-high, add Kalbi mixture and cook until brown.
3. Add mushrooms to the pan, stir-fry for about two minutes.
4. Add onions to the pan, stir-fry until the onions soften.
5. Add the tomatoes next, stir-fry for about a minute.
6. Spoon the Kalbi mixture into the taco shells.
7. Top with lettuce, cheese, and mayonnaise. Serve.

Shared with Food Friday and Food Trip Friday.


  1. I've tried Kalbi before and I like the savory taste of it. With the taco, ang sarap siguro nyang pulutan and snack. Is this a part of your HCG diet recipe? thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Kath! Kalbi is love, no? :)
    I'm done with the HCG Diet for now, but I'm still watching what I eat and counting the calories, hehe. :)

  3. Hi Kath! Kalbi is love, no? :)
    I'm done with the HCG Diet for now, but I'm still watching what I eat and counting the calories, hehe. :)

  4. Sounds interesting-but you lost me at the soy sauce, that and MSG make me swell up like a balloon. Now if I was a lot younger I would have tried this in a NY second!

  5. I'm a fan of tacos, i love anything with cheese and tomato haha. this looks yumz

  6. TACOS!!! I want! This a fun twist for kalbi :) Yummm!

  7. Will try this one of these days and I'll let you know whether I succeeded or not haha!

  8. Oh nice, I mexicon x korean fusion! I suddenly crave for tacos, thank you for sharing the recipe! :)

  9. You're welcome Ruth!
    Good luck Mitch!
    Thanks, Michelle! Agree with the yum, haha. :)
    Hi Miki! I too stay away from MSG. I'm not getting any younger myself, lol. :)

  10. tacos! would love to try something similar .. thanks for the idea, sis!

    and thanks, too, for sharing and linking over at Food Friday! :)

  11. Tha Kalbi Taco can be the perfect snack and also a good appetiser and meal for the diet conscious.

  12. I haven't had Kalbi before, but I'd like to try that! Your Kalbi tacos make me drool! I want!


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