Spotlight | TonyMoly UV Sunset Daily Sun Cream.

"What's your sunscreen?" This question I've been getting a lot these days. Not surprising since the heat is really on in this tropical country. You'd be crazy to leave the house without some sort of sun protection. Unless of course, you want to be charred in this 36-degree Celsius weather.

And so to answer that burning question, here's the sunscreen that I've been using for the longest time - TonyMoly UV Sunset Daily Sun Cream SPF30/PA++.
I got this as pasalubong from my cousin-in-law who used to work in Korea. Been using this for more or less six months now, and as you can see, this tube is still far from running on empty.
This sunscreen has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30, which means you're protected from cancer-causing UVB rays for at least 7.5 hours. The general rule, however, is to reapply sunscreen every 2 to 4 hours at least.

As for the protection strength, the PA++ indicates that this product has 4 times protection power against UVA rays. These harmful rays are the ones that cause wrinkles, sunspots, uneven skin tone, and just about anything bad to the skin.
If you can read Hangul, then bravo!
Since the literature at the back of the tube is written entirely in Hangul, I had to refer to the Tony Moly website for the product description. In the website, it goes something like this:
Softly application without skin irritations. Water Melon – protect skin from UV rays, primrose – antioxidant, protect skin, Green Tea Extract – strengthen skin immune system.
Grammar fail, I know. But at least it gave me an idea of what this sunscreen is made of.
Here's how the Sun Cream looks like.
Now what I love the most about this Sun Cream is that it's gentle on the skin. I've always had issues with Western sunscreen brands, mostly because I have uber sensitive skin. One of the main reasons why I stuck with this brand is because it has never broke me out, nor has it given me any allergies.

Its formulation is just right - non-sticky, lightweight, not runny, but not too thick either. The cream is easily absorbed by the skin. You won't even feel that you have sunscreen on. It also has a nice scent, which goes away rather quickly.

The price isn't bad, either. As per the Tony Moly website, this costs only Php 458 and is available at Tony Moly branches here in the Philippines. In Korea, this sells for 7800 won (Php 285 when converted).

What I love:
- SPF30/PA++
- Non-irritating.
- Lightweight.
- No icky, sticky feeling.
- Works well with most of my BB creams.
- Nice scent.
- Affordable price.

What you might not like:
- None, I guess. :)

How about you, what's your sunscreen? :)


  1. Although I do not have a go-to sunscreen, I read recently, that even darker/brown skinned people have to use sunscreen, so I definitely appreciate this post. Especially something for sensitive skin; can't believe it's that time of year, again!

  2. I use whatever's handy, mostly stuff I buy at the drug store. It's interesting to read the prices. I wonder what it would cost in USD? We can get sunscreen pretty cheap here, but yours looks very nice! Also, I didn't know sunscreen should be refreshed every couple hours!

  3. Great to find something that works for you! Sounds like a good product.

  4. sunscreen is definitely a most needu product for everone at every age,I do need one also and just got a great review from here.

  5. I love sunscreens/ sunblock not because I don't anna get dark because I already am but because I don't want the UVB and UVA rays from harming my skin. This looks promising might give it a try.

  6. I don't have a particular sunscreen. I thought because of the brand name it may come so pricey. I'll check this out. =)

  7. I am guilty of not applying sunscreen - only during outings to the beach and swimming in daylight. I just feel sticky having to apply moisturizer, then sunscreen, then face powder. But I hope it's never too late for me.. BB cream is my 1-step face cream w/ SPF, like Missha.

  8. With the heat wave now, sunscreens like this is very much needed to protect us from UV rays.

  9. I don't put on sunscreen unless I plan on being out in the sun for extended periods of time. Then I use whatever sunscreen that I have on hand.

  10. Sunscreen really is a woman's lifetime bestfriend. I will see if this one is available on an online cosmetics store here which specializes on all things Korean.

    I am currently using Vichy sunscreen. I like the shimmery appeal but hard for my budget to maintain yay!

  11. I'm really not into facial creams because I find it icky. Pero it's good that this one is lightweight :)

  12. Watermelon as an ingredient in a beauty product is quite new to me. But I love Tony Moly and I'll keep this in mind when shopping for sunscreen.

  13. I don't really use sunscreen because I seldom go out in the sun; my face powder has sunscreen already, but I think it's not enough to protect me from the harsh rays of the summer sun. I'll keep this product in mind when I'll look for a sunscreen before we hit the beach.


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