JusTees for PAWS, for the love of Stalin.

After Stalin left us some nine months ago, I made a resolve to not get another dog for the time being. I still miss him - I miss him everyday - and I don't think there'd be any other dog to take his place.

And so when I chanced upon the JusTees for PAWS shirts at the Kids' Section of SM Department Store, I felt a tug at my heart. Rummaging through the display rack was bittersweet. I was gushing at the cute designs, but at the same time I was missing Stalin all the more. And although I may never love another dog the same way I loved Stalin, that doesn't mean I can't show love and compassion for other dogs - especially those in need. And that's exactly the reason why I took two shirts off the rack - one for the little man and I.
I <3 Doggies.
Must Love Dogs.
Because for every JusTees for PAWS shirt you buy, a portion of the sales goes to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. The proceeds will help support the animals at the PAWS shelter, where at least 49 dogs and 227 cats are currently housed.

There are 18 cute designs to choose from in the JusTees for PAWS collection, and each shirt costs Php 199.75 only. They make great gifts not just for kids this holiday season, but also for kids at heart, too! The large sizes can actually fit small to medium-built adults, and for your reference, I managed to squeeze in a size 12 shirt. Haha!

I'm thinking of buying a few more shirts as Christmas gifts, and for the little man and I, too. :)


  1. That's nice that they donate, and nice that you bought. :)

    I'm sorry you lost your Stalin.

  2. Those look nifty gift items. Mahal na rin yan sis, especially if marami kang pagbibigyan.hihihi...

  3. Wow will consider this shirts for Christmas Gifts as this goes to a good cause.

  4. I will consider these shirts for Christmas gifts as this goes to a good cause.

  5. Very nice shirts. It helps out PAWS pa. Good one!

  6. very cute-and it helps a good cause-they would make some great gifts!

  7. Great post and thanks for bringing them to my attention:)


  8. I love the shirts. I can relate to you missing your pet. Our cat went missing, and I still mis him.

  9. What a great tribute to your little doggie! I'm sure Stalin would appreciate it. Sorry you lost your buddy, but it sounds like he lives on in spirit. I imagine the little man misses him too, no?

  10. Wow, didn't know that they make donations too! I am going to tell my friends so they know where to buy next time.

  11. the shirts look so cute! i feel like i wanna own one. aaaw i know how it feels like to lose a dog you dearly love. the shirts are perfect to honor him ;)

    The Bargain Doll

  12. Those shirts are super cute! And I love that their sales help a good cause. I'm sorry about your dog. We lost a cat not long ago and it was really hard.

  13. we just bought Just Tee's PAWS shirt yesterday for both of my kids! :)

  14. Cute tees! Although I am not really a dog owner, and I am actually afraid of dogs :D

    That would make a nice gift for kids! Super affordable and advocates love for animals too! :)

  15. You get cute shirts and donate to PAWS at the same time. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone! Yes, you should get more shirts for you and the little man :)


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